Friday, October 3, 2008

Another update

Latest pic of 4 Season SAL

I've had lots of time to sit and stitch this week due to potty training Katie. Since she was terrified of the potty I had to pull the little potty out and have it in the playroom so she could sit and watch a movie. It took an entire week to get her comfortable enough to where she would actually go more than a drop or two. She would get on and off every five minutes all day! She's still doing that but we've moved on to the big girl potty in the bathroom so not sure how much time that will leave to stitch. The bribing her with a toy really worked!

She really loves Logan's speech therapist Cheryl so that is how I'm getting her to go on the big girl potty now. (That and I've promised to take her to Target to buy her something when she accomplishes it! $1.00 bins here we come!!) Yesterday she went both one and two in the big potty so I'm hoping the end is near. Actually, I'm praying it's near because she is still doing the get off the potty and two to three minutes later getting right back on. My hands are so raw and sore from washing them so many times. Every time she gets near it I have to wash my hands and hers so at least this will teach her to wash her hands after every use. It's time to get her crayons and coloring book out (GREAT distraction from the potty every two minutes!) Now if I could just get the boys to sleep through the night!!!!!


Kelly said...

Looks lovely and I think your doing a great job with potty training!

Carolyn said...

It's looking good, Terry! At least you're making a little progress with the potty, too! Hang in there.