Monday, September 21, 2009

Lordy! I did it again, Oy!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted on here. I thought I was supposed to have more time now that the kids are back in school but it hasn't happened yet. It's now starting on the fifth week of school and things may settle down soon but then again.....maybe not! LOL

Let's see, no pictures to show of all that wonderful stitching I've done. Okay, I haven't done much stitching lately but I could still at least snap a picture to show what little progress I've made. If I did that I might actually get the pictures off the camera from Logan's birthday back in July. Geesh! I've been a very bad girl lately. No stitching, no pictures and I still need to send my mother-in-law and my mom pictures from Logan's birthday. Maybe I can get them off after Marie's birthday this Saturday. DH is planning on taking a vacation day on Friday and taking her to Universal Studios as a surprise. I have to keep telling her to behave herself or she'll ruin her birthday surprise. I can't wait to see her face when we wake her up extra early Friday morning!

My life got a little crazier than normal the second week of school when little miss Katie came down with the flu. She was out the entire week and I had to take her to the pediatric urgent care to get some meds for her. It turns out she is allergic to Tamiflu and it only made her stomach worse. It got a little scary there but thankfully she was able to turn it around on her own and started getting better by Saturday that week. Whew what a week that was!!! Somehow, I was able to prevent the other three from catching the flu but at one point they all had a little fever and mild cold. Thankfully they never got any more than that and we survived the first three weeks of school. Last week, they all made it through the entire week without coming home early. Yeah!!

Now, this week, I'm ready for the bus schedule to get to a more normal pace so that things can get into a rhythm. I can dream, can't I????? LOL

Happy Monday everyone!!!!