Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday update

4 Season SAL - Spring and Summer done!

ILCS - Halloween SAL

Here is the Halloween SAL finish from this past weekend. I also completed the Summer part of the 4 Season SAL. Now on to the Fall and Winter parts! I also need to start on the newest ILCS SAL after I get the fabric size I need and decide on the color or colors.

I'm surprised I have been able to get much done in the last week or so as all of us came down with a nice head/chest cold again. This time DH also came down with it but the eldest did not. Oh how I wish that she did get the little head cold rather than what she woke up with yesterday! She is now blocked in her room and the bathroom and not allowed out under any circumstances. She has the stomach bug that I hope is just something she ate but I don't think that is it and with everyone run down still because of the head/chest thing I'm just praying we don't get this other nastiness too. OY!

Katie is now 100% potty trained even though Mommy is chicken and puts her in a diaper at night. I was going to stop doing that this past weekend but with everything going on I thought the heck with it! She hasn't had an accident in about a week now so it's a done deal. I didn't think this would ever happen so I should be doing a big happy dance but I'm just too tired to do it. I'm wiggling around in the desk chair so that will have to be the happy dance for now. LOL

The boys are still not sleeping through the night although I can't blame them with this bug. Logan (KNOCK ON WOOD) has slept on the couch and not come to get me for the past two nights. I was going to let out a whoop of joy yesterday until DH told me that he came in to snuggle with him instead. Due to Marie's illness I've had to take Katie in the boys room and have her sleep in Ryan's bed. To alleviate any problems I've just slept in there with them through the night which hasn't made for much REM sleep for me lately. One day in the not so distant future, I will look back at this episode in my life and laugh but right now; not much laughing going on.

I've tried to stay up to watch the ALCS games and last night wasn't easy at all. I did fall asleep twice; Katie and Logan fell asleep with me but not Ryan. I woke up in time to watch the last inning of game 7 between Tampa and Boston. What a game and what an ending! I was able to prop my eyes open long enough to watch them give the MVP award to Tampa's Matt Garza. I'm so glad that he won it. He was so relaxed right before the game. He had me cracking up when they panned over to the dugout and there he was with his IPOD on and just jamming to his Tupoc. For a second there, after he took the mound I thought he still had his IPOD on but then realized he had some cotton in his ears to block out all the noise from their fan's cowbells. We still have the cowbell from when DH went to the regular season game against the Red Sox (which they won!) Thankfully hubby didn't put it back together and ring it throughout the game. I would have had to grab some ear plugs and leave the children with him to deal with. LOL

Here's hoping that this week gets better soon so I can get some much needed sleep. I have a full week with the therapies which were rescheduled, a few teacher conferences and Ryan's school transition to deal with as well. Calgon take me away NOW!!!!!!!!!! LOL Hope everyone has a great week.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for the warm welcome back! Your spring and summer along with your Halloween stitching are so cute! I've got a small Autumn piece that I need to finish xstitching and I just finished up a primitive fall embroidery piece. I am really taking to the embroidery. I can do it even if I'm on the phone and don't lose my place, lol. Thanks again for your comment!

Kelly said...

All fabulous, and such a neat stitcher too :)

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a rough week at your house. Hope you all recover soon and you can get some much needed rest! Congrats on the stitching finishes!

Sharon said...

Really cute finishes! Congrats. I hope the illness will be gone soon. Take care!