Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Vacation is almost over!!!

Sad but true....okay, maybe not too sad.  If I'm entirely truthful, I'll be doing a happy dance as soon as the littler ones get on the bus in two weeks. lol  I'm still homeschooling Logan and it's been an interesting undertaking to say the least.  He WANTS to be home with me but he HATES to do school work so I've had to try different things this past year to get him to actually get it done.  Believe it or not, what works one day won't always work the next day.  :D

My oldest will be a junior and will finally allowed to date after her 17th birthday.  I'm already getting hives just thinking about it.  lol  She knows that her grades have to stay up and that she still has to get homework done first before being able to head out.  I do believe that will help keep her grades up this year. Logan turned 13 last month so now there are two teenagers in the house.  I've got a few more years before we add another teenager to the mix so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the semi craziness and pray. lol

I've gotten some stitching done off and on through-out the summer.  More off than on but still it's relaxing time that I cherish when I do finally get to do it.  My current projects are Summer Alphabet by LizzieKate, April by The Prairie Schooler and March from the 2011 Keepsake Calendar.  I "finished" two autism awareness pieces over the summer.  Notice the quotes on finished; that just means it's stitched.  Still trying to figure out what/how I want to actually finish them so I can display them.  One is a heart and the other is the supermom emblem.  I've got to get a picture or two of them and post them.  (Still haven't pulled the summer fun pics off the camera from a month ago lol)

The end of 2014 wasn't a good time for our family.  We lost my mom's brother at the end of September and six weeks later my mom passed away unexpectedly.  Less than a month later my husband lost his job.  I've decided that I need to find a bright spot out of all that.  There were two good things.  One, I was able to spend time with my uncle's family before he passed away.  My mom and my brothers were there as well.   The second was that I was able to spend some much needed quality time with my husband.  He needed a break and we needed to be able to reconnect as a family.  Although it has been hard, I'm glad that he's no longer under the horrible stress.  We were able to use our savings and tax return to make it through until a temporary job became available.  He's now waiting to hear if it will become permanent.  We should hear sometime this week.  Thankfully, he's got other job interviews so we have some other options should that fall through.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!!

I hope that everyone has been able to enjoy their summer and have been able to stitch more than me. lol  Happy "Almost" Fall!