Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another new week and not much to show

I did fix the boo boo I made on my Rainforest's design but then haven't had the energy or time to stitch since then. I've looked at it longingly a couple of times but the brain and eyes were too tired and I believe I may have finally learned my lesson about stitching while brain dead, errr I mean tired.

A quick non-stitching question for you folks that have the music player on your blog. Is it me, or do you lose songs off your player? I've just noticed that another two songs have totally disappeared off of it again. Where do they go?? Is there a song heaven for those tired and old (not so old in terms of when they were released) worn out songs??

The good reason (is there ever a good reason not to have stitching time??) is that DH and I have been doing some DIY home improvements to help the ol' pocketbook survive the Florida summer heat. Several windows and shades (and window film) later we now have an almost perfectly cool home without running the old A/C lower than 76. Trust me, this is quite an improvement! I believe that we may have finally gotten rid of the disgusting $280 monthly summer electric bill. (Please, oh please let that be true!!!)

Logan is going to be a nudist when he gets older. He strips everything off as soon as he hits the door after school. I even have to fight to keep his diaper on him. Speaking of which, it's been a fun week of taking him to the potty every 30 minutes but it seems to be working. He's not completely potty trained, he does go on the potty during those times but he still goes in the pull-ups even after being taken. It's a start! Ryan however, as of last night, is offically potty trained!! Woo Hoo!!! He's been insisting on wearing a diaper each night but for quite a while it's been dry. Last night, I had him wear his underwear with his plastic pants and nothing!!! I'm sure he'll want to continue doing that but I have no problem with the pastic pants. He can wear them for a little longer and then I think he'll be a big boy and give them up too.