Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally...a stitching update!

Spring is almost complete!

The first of the four season SAL is almost completed. I had a few moments of OH NO! I think I'm going to have to frog the entire border but I found that it's good now. Well, I should just say it's as good as it gets because somehow I ended up with four rows on the left side between the border and the actual stitching and five rows on the right side. Rather than pull ALL of the stitching out and starting again, I will leave as is and just enjoy what I've done. I really like how this one is coming along and can't wait to start the Summer part as it has flip flops (which are my favorite summer foot attire!!)

For news on the home front, Katie is now successfully going pee pee in the potty about 75% of the time which is a major improvement! We finally got her comfortable just sitting on the potty and it finally just happened that she went more than a drop or two. I'd been promising her a special toy if she could go several times in a day without messing and when she did, I gave it to her. She liked it until I pushed the button and it made all sorts of movements and music. She informed me that she didn't like it as it was too loud and to turn it off NOW! LOL

Ryan and Logan are finally almost back to 100% with very little (if any) coughing so now I get to start Ryan back on his eating therapy again. Yeah! I think he does better every day but just in small steps so I'm very happy to be back on the therapy. Logan is now requesting what he wants by actually saying, "I want milk or juice! Of course, his milk sounds like mulk but hey, I know what he's saying.

Marie had a ball for her birthday yesterday as a friend came to spend the night. It was very unexpected as her family had an emergency so we took her in and she ended up staying all night. The girls had a ball; watching movies, playing games and pigging out on popcorn and other snacks. Marie didn't sleep much the night before or last night so tonight she should sleep like a baby, if she doesn't crash for a nap before that! Tonight, we will have the whole cake and unwrapping the rest of her gifts so it's like she's having two birthdays. (Yeah, I don't think she minds having two full days of special Marie fun!)


Carolyn said...

Cute, Terry - looks good. Glad your young ones are doing better.

Kelly said...

It's lovely!

Meari said...

Your WIP looks good, Terry. YAY for Katie and the potty training! Too funny about the special toy… Kids can be so funny, can’t they? Happy belated birthday to Marie!

Anonymous said...

Greats news about the kiddos! And you WIP is coming along nicely.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.