Friday, March 25, 2011

March Madness

I can't believe that another month is almost gone and I've not posted at all!  I have a crazy schedule with the kids and working and trying to keep up with the cleaning, washing and cooking.  I didn't realize just how crazy until it slowed down this morning.  I didn't want to get up out of the bed at all!!!  Of course, that wasn't possible as three of the four were up before me.  Thank goodness for DH!!!!  I'm up, had coffee and now here I sit not wanting to do anything!!!!  I have spring cleaning to do which I would normally put off until after the kids Spring Break but DH and I have a date "night" on Sunday afternoon so the house must be clean!!! lol

I have been stitching and have actually finished something.  No pictures of it yet but, hey, at least I finished something.  Alas, Snowflakes has been set aside.  Not sure if it's because I frogged more than I stitched or because I'm over the whole winter/christmas season. lol  I know I will get back to it but in the meantime I've started yet another project from the March/April Just Cross Stitch magazine.  I finished the G is for Girls and now am working on the Berries, Birds and Blooms sampler.  So far, I'm loving this one and have worked on it a little each night and a lot on Sunday after the cleaning is done.  I do believe this one will be framed (by me, of course) and hung up on my wall.  I recently realized I haven't "finished" anything  and hung it on the wall to show off in years.  When I say years, I mean it.  I do believe that last finished piece proudly shown off was when I was married the first time and he still has it, by the way, as it was a gift for him.  We've been divorced over 15 years now so that tells you how long it's been.  lol

Well the animals are getting restless so I'd better just bite the bullet and get to that spring cleaning.  I'm giving myself a little credit for having already starting it as yesterday we tore down the slide (of what was left of the old swingset) and hauled it out to the road.  A word to the wise, for those of you that are thinking of purchasing the really nice and somewhat expensive wooden swing/play sets for your children; be sure to constantly check for water damage.  Once it gets in to any portion you need to basically cut it out, repair and probably even get some type of water protection (like what you can do to your wooden fence or porch).  One of the steps of the ladder broke off and before we knew what had happened the whole part that had the swings just started to rot right before our eyes.  It didn't take long for the bees/wasps to then make a nest inside of the other wood and that only helped to make it rot that much faster.  We had that for a total of five years and the rotting started on the one side within two years.  We just noticed the slide side had started the last time we let Logan climb it and now it's just been hauled to the dump.  They are a great investment for your children but like everything else, a work in progress from the time you build it until you have to tear it down.

Okay, they are now getting so loud in here I can't hear myself think so that is my clue to get the hell out of dodge, I mean to get in there to make sure they don't kill each other. lol  Hope everyone is having a great end of the week and it continues into a great weekend.