Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year!

So a new year is now upon us and it's not making me slow down at all unless you count the slow down on the stitching. lol  Life got crazier with Ryan's testing out of ESE but it's worth it!  Today is the fifth day of the new morning routine and only the second time I've had to get a late pass for Kaitlyn.   I'd say we're well on our way to getting used to the new routine but don't quote me on that. lol

We did have a slight hiccup on the first afternoon but that wasn't anything you could plan for.....thank GOD!  Marie had a problem at school and ended up taking a walk instead of getting on the bus.  Tell me, why are kids so mean to each other????  It turned out fine but I have to say I hope I never have to go through that ever again.  It was the scariest hour of my life. lol  She's got herself one heck of a guardian angel that watched over her until we could find her.  I know she's twelve but still, when your child disappears and you have no idea what happened or where she could have gone it scares the *#@ out of you!  She only received a half day in school suspension and she's not allowed on the computer unless it's homework and it has to be supervised.  Doesn't seem like enough punishment for her but I believe she scared the you-know-what out of herself so that makes up for a little.  (That and the kids that caused the problems also got in school suspension)

Not much stitching for me but I have put a few in the LHN Snowflakes piece.  I've also frogged quite a bit too.  I found myself getting pretty frustrated and almost gave up but then I thought perhaps Rene' was visiting and decided to rip it out one more time.  It worked so I do believe that those frogs were sent from Heaven! ;)  Hopefully with my new work schedule and morning routine I can sit on my off days and stitch before Ryan gets home or after I pick him up.  Depends on how much I get done before that. lol

Tomorrow is Kaitlyn's 6th birthday and I can't believe how time has flown!  Seems like just yesterday my little munchkin was two weeks late and I insisted that I had to be induced because I couldn't carry her any longer. lol  She was too snug and warm and didn't want to make an appearance whether mommy was exhausted or not.   She finally did and what a joy she has been ever since!  Okay, she's been a joy 99.9% of the time but what kid isn't right?? ;)  We have a cupcake cake ordered and ready to go to school to celebrate with her.  She was so funny this morning.  "Mommy, will we celebrate at home too????"  She was scared that we wouldn't have a cake at home for her.  Since Marie got to go to Universal with Daddy for her birthday I had to attempt to make it even by getting cake/cupcakes for class and maybe doing goody bags for her.  Will have to do the same for Ryan as well but that's not for another two weeks. lol   

Hopefully I will have some pictures to show how much I've stitched when I post again.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day and that you find lots of time to sit down and stitch.  (I took Logan's frog and have set him right next to my stitching chair to ward off any other frogs that come visiting.  Figure they'll want to play with him rather than mess with my stuff. lol)