Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun times with the Cole's

In case you were wondering, the title of this post is very sarcastic!

I have had no time or energy for stitching for over a week.  I was able to finally relax a little and put a few stitches in my HAED yesterday but not enough for a picture.  Life had gotten in the way which I'm sure happens to all of us.

It's not fun here, or rather, it's not been fun but I think the tide has changed for the better.  (PLEASE!!!)  My murphy's law days did finally end and I only had one more incident on the day I last posted.  Boy am I glad that is over! lol  During those crazy clutzy days, I was also dealing with some major behavior problems from my oldest boy Logan.  Logan is Autistic and doesn't deal well with any change, let alone anything MAJOR.  Back in November, the principal at his school fired the newest ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) teacher and moved her students into different classrooms.  Logan's class received three of them.  It was chaotic but working in there and was actually starting to smooth out if it's possible to do so with 12 ASD kids in one class.  They finally hired a new teacher, had her going around to each class observing and making notes which was a good idea.  The problem occurred when they decided on which students she would receive. 

Logan was one of the kids moved into her room.  He had been doing so well in his regular room and the move was not good to say the least.  His way of letting us know that he wasn't happy was to hit, kick, bite, headbutt, rip or scratch at me.  My arms look like I got into a fight with a very large cat or bear.  I'm finally starting to heal but it wasn't fun at all.  I tried to tell the principal that this move would be a very bad one for Logan but I was ignored.  When I asked him to help me escort Logan to the new classroom (which happens to be on the opposite side of the school) he refused and instead asked that someone who was still dealing with car riders stop what they were doing to help me.  He has since refused to answer any of my e-mails and has been avoiding me at all costs.   This has got to be the most unprofessional behavior I've ever had to deal with when it comes to the school system.  Not only has he ignored me, but in the original face-to-face meeting, he lied to me on all counts on why he would need to think it over on not moving Logan.  I know he's mad because one of my original e-mails I went to the person in charge of ESE for the county.  I did this because I knew he had lied to me and I also knew that this would be the outcome.   Apparently, he doesn't like to have his authority at his school questioned.   If you can't be flexible in your decisions regarding students or you take it personally when someone questions your decisions, then you really shouldn't be dealing with children.   I could care less about the man, the only person I care about in this situation is Logan.  He's frustrated and upset and doesn't know how to communicate this so he acts out. 

On top of all that, my daughter decided she'd had enough of the bullying and disrespect from the kids across the street from us and she told them she couldn't play with them.  I had actually told her months ago that I didn't want the kids at our house but knew the parents would be nasty about it which is why I never said anything to them. (I just wouldn't let them play with them)  Marie took matters into her own hands and that weekend was even worse because of the nastiness from both the parents and the one child.  The mother came over because her daughter was in tears and wanted to know what the problem had been.  I was able to tell her that she is too nasty with my younger kids but she immediately got on the defensive and walked away before I could point out that the older kids were sick of her crap too.  It escalated to where the girl next door became their enemy as well because she still wanted to play with my kids.  The mother refused to let the kids from across play with the girl next door.  This is the same woman who yelled "Get that kid of my grass!  I don't want any of them over here!" to the two year old who got away from the woman who stopped in to speak to me on the same day.  Really???  He's friggen' two, get a grip you nasty piece of work.

The mother next door was pissed off because of what happened.  She had warned me a couple of months ago about how the other mother would react.  She had the same issues but was friends with her so didn't want to say anything to her.  I'm sorry but disrepect and bullying are not tollerated in our house no matter if the kid's mother is a friend or not.  I hate this kind of crap, especially when the adults make it worse.  I feel sorry for them all, okay, maybe not the parents from across the street but the kids.  Perhaps if the parents would teach them to respect other people then none of this would be happening.  Also, let's get real here.  No kid is perfect, nor is any adult so please be open minded when someone tells you that your kid/kids aren't being very nice.  We'd all love to believe that ours are perfect little angels but in real life......   I know how my kids are and I'm the first person to reprimand them if I feel they've disrespected someone.  I'm also the mother who asks how her kids were when they go over to their house just so I can be sure they are behaving.  Some people call me anal but I'm just making sure they treat others as I wish to be treated. 

Okay, I've gone on enough about the craziness and really need to get to cleaning.  Yuck!  I really do hate cleaning especially after a long weekend but as my mother used to say "the house isn't going to clean itself!"  I'm off to do laundry, pick up the playroom, vacuum and mop.  Hope you all have a wonderful week and have time for lots of stitching!


TUSAL January 23, 2012

I've finally got the picture for the first TUSAL post of 2012.  Not much to show as I hadn't done much stitching.  I hope to have a lot more added to this by the next post for 2012.  Sorry about the delay; finally uploaded the pictures from the camera today and of course, I had to watch the Christmas videos before I could do anything else. lol

I hope to be back with a post about what I've been up to and dealing with for the past week.  It's been fun.....NOT!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's that time!

It's time for the first TUSAL report for 2012.  Of course, you can't take a picture if the batteries in your camera ARE TOTALLY DEAD!  I found my beautiful vase hidden behind the Christmas decorations and was so tickled to find it again.  I excitedly grabbed my camera, turned it on, and immediately got the red light and it shut back off.  Crap!  How could I have forgotten that I ran the batteries down on ALL the cameras on Christmas day???

Anyway, back to the TUSAL.  It stands for Totally Useless Stitch-a-long.  It's where you just keep your ORT's in a pretty glass container and post a picture and a little wordy post about it each month on the full moon.  Now this is a SAL I can do.....if I remember to charge the stupid camera batteries!!  Go see Daffycat to sign up!

You're still here???? Okay, here's a little something to make you laugh.  This weekend through this morning I've had the worst of luck.  Saturday I dropped a glass jar of spaghetti sauce on the floor and somehow the sauce went one way and the glass went the other.  Yeah, I have no idea either and at that particular point in time I really didn't care about the why, just the "how in the HELL am I going to clean this up without stepping on any glass???"  Sunday, taking down the Christmas tree and decorations I found two missing DVD's that my son had been pitching a major fit about in the tree.  It's almost like he was trying to help me decorate it.  I also found several ornaments just thrown in the tree.  Me thinks the boy wanted to play with them but then put them back wherever he thought they may look good.  Taking the lights off the tree with help from DH was an amusing time as well.  At one point he asked me if I had been drunk when I put them on.  Uh NO, but you try to put the lights on while your four kids are wanting to help you do everying all at once and see how it turns out!!  Last night, Marie helped me get Logan out of the bath.  I came in to dry him the rest of the way and realized that she just used a towel that REEKED of urine to dry his hair and upper body.  #@*& Apparently, when Katie had her accidents (YES PLURAL) yesterday she used a towel to dry up the floor.  It was just thrown over the clothes hamper to dry.  I had to get in the shower with Logan in order to get him cleaned back up FROM HIS BATH.  Please, tell me you are laughing so hard that you have whatever you drink spraying your computer monitor.  It's okay, I'm laughing now too but yesterday......not so much.  Today I just put everything in the crockpot at 8:00 a.m for tonight's dinner and walked out the door WITHOUT TURNING IT ON.  No biggie, I turned it on high when I got home at noon.  It's still early so who KNOWS what else I can damage do today.

I will leave you now that I've given you at least a little giggle for the day.  I'm hoping to be able to come back to edit with a picture of my TUSAL but at the rate my luck is running......

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogger hates me today!

I've tried to leave a comment on a blog and it just throws me to a blank page. Drat!  I really want to throw my name in the hat for the giveaway but even more I want to ask Heather at Heather's Stitching Story how she gridded her fabric for her HAED's Fireside Fairytales!!  I'm more than half way done gridding my very first HAED but it has given me fits.  I found a couple of different blogs/sites that show different ways to grid but I didn't see Heather's until AFTER I started gridding mine.  Ain't that the way life goes?? lol 

I still need to get my Christmas tree and decorations put away.  At that point I should be able to find my vase that I'm using for the TUSAL.  I need to get it done this weekend as I believe next week is the first posting for 2012!  I had it picked out before Christmas in hopes that I could join but put it on the shelf behind where I set up the tree every year.  I can't see it which means I hid it from the kids.  I know it's back there but..... lol

I still haven't taken pictures of my stitching but I've also not done any unless you count gridding my HAED. lol  Here is what I purchased and am itching to start!!  I'm not crazy enough to start it without gridding because, although I love counted cross stitch, it seems I can't COUNT! lol  At least not on any of my bigger projects. ;)

I'd better get off here, my homemade lentl soup is almost warmed up on the stove and I'm hungry and cold. lol  Hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend (and to those who don't get Monday off have a wonderful weekend!)