Monday, September 13, 2010

An update of sorts

I have finally (I think!) got my stitching mojo back.  At least a little bit anyway. lol   I received my Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments mag in the mail this past week and was drooling over all the lovelies.  I finally sat down last night and closed my eyes and picked one to start.  You know what I mean ladies, it's almost impossible to choose which one you like the best so you can stitch it first so I just opened the mag with my eyes closed and slapped my hand down.  There you go, purely scientific way of choosing. lol  Not much to show as the children weren't ready for bed but were wanting to cuddle so I spent maybe about 30 minutes on it.  When I have more progress to show I will take a pic and post it here.

It's been a crazy few weeks getting back into a routine with the kids and school but I have to say I'm loving it!  I do miss them but I cherish my time to get the house clean, the laundry done, work done and have a little bit of me time too.  lol  By the time the bus gets here with the first two, I realize just how much I've missed my little people and I enjoy the afternoon snuggling and getting everyone to get their homework done.  I wish I could say it was all enjoyable but for those of you with more than one child, you know what I mean.  They still fight but it seems easier to referee now that school takes them away from each other during the day.

Today the older two had to start with a new bus as the other route was too full.  Last week wasn't any fun as we had problems with our a/c on Labor Day.  We ended up taking the kids out for a ride once we finally got that stupid thing working again so we could all relax and get cool.  Logan loved it so much that when it came time to go to school the next day, he threw a major fit about getting on the bus.  Thankfully, by Friday, he was a little calmer and today was nothing.  Here I was dreading trying to get him on the bus, let alone a new driver and aide and he just walked right up, said Hi and climbed the stairs.  That boy amazes me just about everyday with something new or unexpected. lol

I've been reading and playing with the DS to take my mind off the stitching slump.  I have a confession to make though;I couldn't finish reading Jodi Picoult's book.  I tried and tried but I just couldn't make myself read more than a few chapters.  It has nothing to do with the story being boring or bad, I've heard other people say they love it.  I just couldnt' get past the first few chapters that go into detail about the daily trials of having a child with Aspergers or Autism.  I live it myself daily so to see it in print and to know what I have to look forward to was just too much for me.  Maybe someday I will pick it back up and be able to read it but for me, right now, I can't do it.  Pathetic I know but I know my limitations with certain things and I'm okay with it.  Now, if I could just figure out my limitations with say chocolate or coffee, life would truly be perfect. lol

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.  I am off to sit and stitch for a little while before work gets delivered for the day.  That is another part of my routine that I've just added, I get to clean and take care of the house as soon as the kids leave and then I give myself an hour or so of stitching time so that if I don't get a chance to stitch at night, at least I've stitched some that day. 

Happy Monday!