Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little Mommy time

I started a quick Halloween pattern that I think my girls will love once it's completed. Hubby took the camera to the game tonight so maybe tomorrow I will be able to get a shot of it. Then again, maybe not. The kids are home from school for a teacher duty day so who knows what will get accomplished as we have two therapies scheduled for the afternoon.

For some reason, I woke up early this morning. It was one of those times where you know you aren't going to be able to fall back to sleep so why bother. I decided to take some much needed me time and just sit and read. About 30 minutes later, little man Ryan started calling me. "Mommy?" "Mommy, where are you?" I, of course, ran to get him before he woke the rest of the house and we snuggled in my recliner for about an hour. He wasn't fully awake so, with his eyes closed, he said, "I love you Mommy!" (I think my heart melted; nothing like hearing your little ones tell you they love you!) He then put his head on my shoulder and just snuggled right up and fell asleep in my arms. I was able to sit there and enjoy just holding my little snuggle bug and thinking about my baby growing into a little boy right before my eyes. I swear it was just yesterday when I brought him home from the hospital and now he's almost three! He's my constant companion; it's almost 11:30 and the other three are fast asleep. Daddy won't be home until much later so we get some more quality time tonight. It's times like these that make me so thankful that I can spend all my time with them. He just dropped something on his little knee and is requesting a kiss for his boo boo so I will sign off for now. Hope everyone is having a nice restful sleep!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like children to bring such joy to a parent. God truly knew what He was doing when he created littles ones! Thank God for those sweet precious moments that seem to strengthen us for the tasks ahead. I hope you have many more times like those to enjoy your children!

Carolyn said...

Very sweet - what a treasure these memories will be later!

Anonymous said...

Terry could you drop by my blog and pick up the reward that I have for you? You were so kind in welcoming me back that I wanted to do a little something for you.

Meari said...

Awww... what a great Mommy Moment!