Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Still no time to stitch this week but I'm hoping for some much needed down time tomorrow before the kids get out on half a day. I really want to finish the first of the 4 Season SAL that I started so I can move on and start something that Tonia over at OakHaven Design Group gave us today. I love this time of year even if the weather doesn't exactly feel like Autumn right now. (It's in the high 80's and the humidity is up there too) I love her designs and I really wanted to be able to do the Mystery SAL that she had but I knew there was no way to get it done along with everything else. (Crying) So now I can at least stitch the new chart for Halloween that she has given all members of the group. Thanks Tonia!

My Mom came through her procedure with no problems because they couldn't find a block. Of course, I found out that if the artery isn't over 70% blocked this particular procedure won't see it. She's doing much better and has been really good about not smoking so they are letting her come home this afternoon. She will have to go back again next month for another procedure that will hopefully find the area that is giving her so many problems.

The kids and I went back up today and hung around until after 1:00 hoping to take her home. The nurse came in and said the doctor has to see her and will not be at the hospital until after 4:00 so she's stuck there. I made another trip to her place for some clothes so she can be comfortable while waiting. The kids were so bored that one of the lovely nurses came in and made them balloons from the gloves that they use. Good Lord but the kids had such a ball with those stupid ugly things! They were easier for the kids to play with as they could grab the fingers and throw them at each other. (not to mention running up and down her room.) I think Mom was almost happy to see us leave so she could sit in peace and quiet.

Somehow I managed to get up, shower, get lunches made, diaper and toy bag packed, kids off to school, other kids in the car and head to see Mom with NO COFFEE! I didn't get the first bit of coffee until after 2:00 when we were on our way home. It's almost two hours later and I still feel the need for some more so as soon as the older two get here it's time for more coffee and some baking for Logan. Hopefully tonight while the baseball game is on I can get some stitching done.

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Meari said...

Glad to hear your mom came through the procedure and is doing better. Hopefully, she can keep away from the smoking as that’ll help a lot.