Monday, September 22, 2008

Update - sort of

No new update pictures of my Seasons SAL but I did work on it a little bit these past couple of weeks. Not as much as I'd like to have but at least I put a couple of rows into it. The kids are almost done with the cold. I believe that Katie got it again as she was almost done with it the first time. Everyone else is feeling better so that's a plus.

I spent the day at the hospital with my Mom yesterday and will go back this morning after I get the two older ones off to school. Mom has been keeping a lot from me lately so I was in for a very rude awakening yesterday when I got to the hospital. Seems she has a blockage in her heart and will have something done today to find it and try to fix it. Of course, she's terrified of the procedure and threw a hissy fit yesterday. Even snuck her cigs in the bathroom for a smoke. I warned her about that but she wanted me to go get some things from her place and when I got back they'd been giving her all HELL about it.

She almost signed herself out but the doctor got on the phone with me to explain that if she left that would be it. They might not get to her in time to save her the next episode she had. They wouldn't let me walk her outside to have a smoke as her oxygen level is dangerous, so they gave her a sedative instead. Thank god for I.V. and sedatives! I stayed with her until my oldest brother got home from his Air Force National Guard week. My other brother was driving a truck to Houston this weekend and was supposed to fly back yesterday. When I called him he was in Louisiana and I thought he was driving back. Oh no, that wasn't it. He was still trying to drive there! Poor guy had four flat tires and had a hard time finding someone who had tires for the truck. On top of that, he's sick and had to hear me tell him about Mom so I know I made his day worse.

What a day I had! It got much better the minute I walked in the door to hear my little ones say Mommy you're home! I received lots of hugs and kisses and got to settle everyone into bed for the night. That was a nice homecoming after such a crappy day. Today should be another interesting episode but since I will have Ryan and Katie it will help keep me from worrying too much as I will be chasing them around the waiting room!


Carolyn said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. Hope the procedure goes well and that she recovers quickly. Good luck with handling it all. It gets pretty tricky when you have a family waiting at home for you. But Thank God for families at home waiting for you! Hope today is better.

Meari said...

Don’tcha just love how “sickies” share the wealth? Round and round it goes. LOL Glad hear everyone is doing better now. Parents can be so stubborn, can’t they? My Dad has signed himself out against doctor’s orders a couple of times. He gets so mad at them, and he has no patience which doesn’t help.