Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

SPRING of the 4 Season SAL

My girls playing dress up
  • I finally started the 4 Season SAL from one of my groups and I have to say it's a great feeling! I've been a little nervous about starting it as I started at a corner rather than the middle. I've done quite a bit of frogging but I've enjoyed stitching it. I love the set of four seasons that Helga designed. I can't wait to finish it and have it framed. I see a small oops already and will go back to fix it when I'm done. I'm not sure I counted correctly with the border so I don't want to mess with it again until I finish the design. I have a feeling I will have more room on bottom of the design then the top. At least I can pull the border out and re do it (again!) and it will look good. This will also help me when I do the next pattern as I'll have it written down.
  • I also realized that I love to start new projects! Big surprise, I think most people like to start new projects. I remember way back in the day (over 10 years ago) I would work on several projects and at the very end just put them down and not finish. Around Christmas I would go back to all my unfinished projects and quickly finish them, have them framed and give them all away as gifts. I just wish I had taken pictures of all my finishes! I only gave them to family and I know that they weren't appreciated as much as I had hoped so I'm not sure if they even still have them. Some of the patterns I loved and would love to do again to keep for me this time around. That's another project I can add to my list of to do's.
  • Step 1: organize my stash and find all patterns from completed projects. (already started organizing so that's a plus!)
  • Step 2: decide which ones I really want for myself and add them to my stitching to do list.


Kelly said...

Your sal looks great and your girls are just too cute!

Meari said...

Great job on your new start. I did some stash organizing over the weekend. Found some duplicate magazines I didn't know I had! Your girls are adorable, Terry.

Carolyn said...

I love to see kids dress up - so sweet. Nice start to the new one.

Sharon said...

Your girls are beautiful, what a great picture. I miss my girls dressing up like that, they are all grown and married now.
Thanks for visiting my blog I am adding you to my blog as well. xoxo