Monday, November 5, 2007

Stitching time

Okay, I started the pumpkin but then ran out of the floss that was used the most. I went to our local Walmart trying to find it and of course, they are totally out and will no longer be carrying any floss. I had to put that project on hold until I can get to a craft store. Since I know of none in this area I will have to wait until I or hubby heads to Daytona this week. I started another project because I just don't want to rip out the Thomas Kinkade boo boo from a few weeks ago. I will be needing more floss for the new project as well so I guess I will just work around the missing thread.

The first time I have been able to stitch since last week was last night after three of the four went to bed. Ryan was fighting sleep so we let him run around until he was running into things. Once he became really fussy I had to stop to get him settled. Of course, once that happened it was so late I just gave up for the night. I was able to get some stitching today while he was napping. Katie would play and then run over to me to see what I was doing. I'm hoping she will be interested enough when she gets older to try her hand at it too.

I will take a picture or two of the pumpkin and the newest project so I can prove that I am actually working on something. Hopefully I can get them on here tonight but if not, there is always tomorrow.

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