Thursday, November 15, 2007

A little stitching

Well, I haven't had much time to stitch since last week. I did have the girls over on Monday as it was another day off from school. Jenna asked if she could trade in the booklet I lent her the last time in for another book and project. I was so surprised and happy to see that she likes to stitch. I gave her the run of of my stash and books and she decided on a pretty hard horse pattern from one of my magazines. We had a good laugh because the magazine is older than she is which shocked her. She is going to stitch a horse (head) for her little sister for Christmas. I think she took on a big project for such a short time but I didn't tell her that. I did tell her that she has a lot of work to do but it would be beautiful when it's finished. She promised to show me or get a picture to show me when it's completed.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to see the finished project. Most girls her age are not into crafts they'd rather be talking to their girlfriends on the phone or going to the beach or mall to hang out. Now if I can get my daughter back on track and learning. I did sign up to be a DMC Mentor so I'm hoping that with the kit they send I will be able to entice Marie into sitting still long enough to learn. She is such a great girl; she is so full of energy and I want to channel it in a good way besides running around playing outside and at school. It would be a nice Mommy and Me time for us so I'm hoping that we can get started up again soon.

As I said, I haven't had much time to stitch but I did get about an hour in last night. I'm almost finished with the coffee project. I then will finish the pumpkin; maybe have an hour or so to go on that one. I have seen so many beautiful projects on our cross-stitch group and think I'm going to try my hand on a biscornu. They look so awesome and seem like they'd be pretty easy to make. You notice, I keep avoiding going back to my Thomas Kinkade project. I'm just so afraid that I will have to take it all back out and that just sits like a big lead balloon in my gut. I need to just bite the bullet and do it. It isn't going to get any easier if I put it off; same thing will have to be done no matter when I do it.

Any advice on how to get over my TK block???

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