Sunday, November 25, 2007


I made some time in between cooking and cleaning on Thanksgiving afternoon to work on my current projects. I was able to finish the coffee project and get back to the pumpkin. I will post pictures of those a little later. I haven't had much time to do more stitching as I caught a bug and have a tooth problem. What fun that is let me tell you. I can't get into a dentist until next week and it's not like they will take a tooth out that has infected gums surrounding it.

I've been drowning myself with an all natural supplement for infection since late yesterday afternoon so that I can get it removed sometime this week. I believe I caught what my oldest has as I also had some sore throat and swollen glands too. This stuff from Baseline Nutritionals is really working on me. It's called Immunity and it has all natural ingredients which I love. My husband found this man several years ago and started using the supplements. What a difference his supplements make in our lives! Since starting using his pHI-zymes I have had no allergies (unless, of course, I forget to take them!) A few of his other products have helped Curtis' high blood pressure. I'd rather take all natural supplements then the over the counter drugs/prescriptions that are available now.

I'm actually starting to feel almost human this afternoon so I am going to try to get some washing done and some more stitching on my pumpkin.

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Meari said...

I hope you're feeling better now. Being sick during the holidays is no fun!