Monday, October 29, 2007


I was able to finally get some stitching time yesterday as it was Sunday. I had done all the laundry and cleaned on Saturday so I could sit and relax on Sunday. (as much as you can relax with 4 kids, 3 of which are still in diapers!) I was hesitant about sitting back down with the Thomas Kinkade work because I know that I made a boo boo the last time I stitched. I talked myself into doing a small side project for halloween. I'm doing a pumpkin that I will make into something for display. I just wanted to do some stitching but not deal with a big project; anyone ever feel that way??

I was having issues seeing the chart as there are 3 pumpkins on the page and I thought it might be the lighting. Nope; I went in search of some reading glasses I had purchased years ago for when I was doing this type of work. Once I put them on....WOW, I can see the charts again. I think I'm almost ready to tackle the TK project now that I have "my eyes" back!

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