Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!




Here are the three months I was able to get done in the last week for the Oakhaven Group SAL. Some ladies are already done with November! Their needles are flying so fast they must be invisible! These are such fun; small and easy to stitch and you actually feel like you've accomplished something. I love it!!

It's been a very busy week here in the Cole house. Monday was Katie's 4th birthday, Tuesday we had Ryan's school transition meeting and the rest of the week was spent trying to get everything needed to be ready for Ryan to start school on his 3rd birthday. Monday, February 9th my little man will be going to school!

I went into the transition meeting with the outlook that he would not qualify (per the speech therapist from the previous week's evaluation) only to find out that he did qualify for full time Pre-K ESE with occupational and physical therapy. I went from preparing mentally for what I would need to work on with him at home to figuring out what I needed to get for him to start school! We had to get his shot record, schedule a physical, and making a list of everything he will need to take with him to school. While I got his shot record, I went ahead and got Katie's too since we are going to sign her up for VPK next school year.

She will go for three hours each day for the entire school year so she can be ready to start Kindergarten the following year. Hopefully by that time I will be okay with Ryan riding the school bus with his older brother and sister so I can drive Katie to and from school. Otherwise, I will be driving to school four times each day and that's only for those two. There is no way that I can take Logan off the bus; that's how I get him to get moving each school day. He LOVES the bus and will actually stop fighting me getting him dressed when I say "No bus if you don't get your clothes on!"

I'm hoping that DH can go with us that first day just so I have moral support. I know he'll be fine as he is going into the same class that Logan was in for three years. He has the same teacher and same aides. One of which, just so happens to be our babysitter! He loves Ms. Ann and her husband Charlie so I know he will be fine. He'll probably walk in the door and say bye Mommy and never even look back! I, on the other hand, will be having a very hard time keeping the tears at bay. Not going to be a good morning for me but I keep telling myself it's the best thing for him. He'll get the therapy he needs for his feeding issues and his attention issues. Katie and I will be on our own for the rest of the school year. Once summer comes it will be back to all of us except for when Logan goes to summer school. They may offer that for Ryan too but I'll deal with that when the time comes. LOL


drea_dear said...

Wow, great progress on your SAL.

Best of luck with getting your little one to school. It sounds like you really have your hands full at home. Treasure the "break" of the next few months, because it sounds like summer will be hectic for you!

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on the finishes! Sounds like it's busy at your house. Transitions are the word with the BD's & school starting. It's always hard to send one off to school, isn't it? Glad to hear that the school is going to work withyou and Ryan.

Mylene said...

You made a great progress on the SAL.

Hope all goes well with kids going to their school.

Kathy said...

Sounds like you have been busy. :) I hope once school starts for them you'll have a few hours a day for YOU. I hope so.
The SAL looks good. I like the March design. I knew I wouldn't get to keep up so I opted not to sign up.

Sharon said...

Lovely stitching. Best wishes to you all as Ryan starts school. I know it can be a little nerve wrecking.

Kelly said...

Your stitching is lovely and great progress on your SAL!

belinda said...

Cute! :)