Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update of sorts....

May completed

June was fun until I saw this picture; I just realized that I went over to far so the left side has three spaces and the right only has one. It was supposed to be two and two.

I'm working on August as I was lucky and received July and August on the same day. I had been on such a roll but that went out the window. I did have to stop and get everything in the backpack and bags to take to school yesterday for Ryan. I would put stuff in then walk away to do something else and remember something I'd forgotten. I did that all day Sunday until I finally thought I was done. As we were in the van I remembered one other thing I forgot and had to run back in for it. He made it to school on his first day with everything he needed and then some.

Katie cried on the way to breakfast after we dropped him at school. She's got such a big heart and it's so easily hurt. I was doing good until I saw those tears then she turned her head and closed her eyes and that was all she wrote for me. We were able to get her to smile through her tears after bribing her with food. We took her to breakfast at our favorite place and what a little angel she was there. She sat so nicely in her seat and ordered her breakfast (toast but still she was so cute!) from the waitress. She sat like a good girl the entire breakfast and for the first time in a very long time I was able to eat a meal while it was still hot.

Laugh, go ahead. You take it for granted until you don't have it. You'd think with all the cold meals I've eaten for so long that I would have lost all the baby weight a while back but no, not me! Maybe now that I have time and one less child to lug around I can go for those walks I've been talking about with such yearning these past years. Yeah, maybe tomorrow because it sure didn't happen today. I had to distract Katie from her heartache with a trip to her favorite store; Target. I think DH has given Katie his shopping bug! We came out with a pad of purple paper from the dollar section and some kids gloves/mittens that were marked down to 75% off. Now that the cold weather is gone (I hope it is anyways!) we won't need them but we will next year and this time I'll have them!

Off to take advantage of the quiet time to clean as fast as I can so I can sit down and relax for a bit before it's time to go pick up the little man. Have a great Tuesday!


Carolyn NC said...

Hope Ryan had a great day at school and that you'll did ok, too! Love the stitching...I didn't even notice anything wrong!

Barbara said...

Your SAL is looking really great. Would have never noticed your mistake if you hadn't pointed it out. I still need to start on May, but having too much fun on my other SMO SAL. ;D

I'm excited about the race on Sunday. Enjoyed the shootout & the duels, but the 500 will be so much better. ;D Hope you enjoy watching it.
Barb in TX

Sharon said...

Sounds like Ryan got off to a great start and how sweet is Katie? I thought your stitching looked great-I couldn't see anything wrong either.

Anonymous said...

I love the project that you are working on. It looks great!

I hope Ryan is adjusting well to school and likes it. Change is sometimes difficult, but as long as he has fun it is all worth it. Take care.

Michelle. said...

Awwwww! This reminds me when my niece used to cry when I left for school. It was just so heart breaking and to think I came home every afternoon anyways! What innocent love, isn't it?

Lillie said...

I couldn't see anything wrong with the SAL. It looks great.

Hoped you managed some quiet time.

Cindy said...

I think it looks great! Unless you are just really looking because you point it out, it is truly not noticeable! It all looks amazing!

Meari said...

Your SAL looks really good, Terry. The ice cream cones are very cute!

Poor little Katie... how sweet of her to miss her brother.

Congrats to you getting to eat a hot meal! :D