Monday, January 19, 2009


Another Christmas finish; started in December but finished beginning of January.

Autumn of the Four Season SAL

As promised from about a month ago, here are the pictures of the stitching I had been doing. I finished the Christmas one and am still plugging along on the Four Season SAL from last year. I also have another SAL that just started on the Oakhaven Designs group. I'm chomping at the bit to get this one started as I got the fabric ready as soon as I heard about it back in October/November.

The kids are home again today but will be heading back to school tomorrow. Since the weather will be extremely cold again tonight; believe they said upper 20's here, I will be skipping the therapy for tomorrow morning. It seems my van doesn't like the cold. It has been having transmission issues every once in a while where it will go in reverse but when I put it in drive it has to wait a minute or two and then it will work. On Thursday I tried to take it to run errands but it really gave me major fits so I just parked it and had hubby do them. On Friday evening I tried to go get my hair cut but when I tried to start the mustang it was dead. It barely clicked when I tried to turn it on. Hopefully it's just the cold bothering the transmission and the battery cables on these cars because if not, it's going to be fun here for the next month or so while we wait for income tax money! We've been planning on using the money we get back to take care of any issues with both vehicles so I'm hoping they continue to behave until after that time.

Plans for this week are to get caught up with everything that got pushed back because the kids were home and then get caught up on some stitching. I hope to have the January part of the Oakhaven SAL done so I can post a picture. The SAL is closed but she will sell the pattern after it's completed. If anyone is interested in joining go here. I haven't been able to get much stitching done these past couple of weeks and I'd really like to get back to at least an hour a night. Any less than that and I feel like I'm having withdrawals. LOL


Anonymous said...

What a lovely finish and your autumn piece is great.

Lynn B said...

Oh Terry I love this Christmas Tree, it on my to do list, yours looks quite lovely!

Terry said...

Thank you Ladies!

Lynn - go to Sue Hillis' website and find where she printed up the alphabet and a slight change in case you want to put We instead of I on this design. I didn't find it until after I had finished it.

Mylene said...

The christmas tree finish looks great and Autumn is looking wonderful.