Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Topic of the week for May 12th

Topic of the week: Which of these do you prefer to use when stitching? Why? Hoop frames, Q-snap frames, Laptop/Tabletop stand, Needlework Stand

This one is pretty easy for me as I've only used hoop frames and free hand. Currently, I have two projects sitting in hoop frames and one that I just started and am just holding in my hands. I've seen pictures of the Q-snap frames and would love to give them a try but don't want to spend a lot just to find out that I really am not comfortable using them. The Floor or laptop stands look like they would make it easier too but again..... I sit in my recliner with the foot rest up and have everything right next to me so I'm not sure if a laptop stand would be comfortable or not. I guess I should do a poll about these and see what everyone has to say.

On to stitching news.... I finally received the Astro's pattern in and was able to start it yesterday. Okay, here is a story about why you should NEVER assume anything. I was so excited to get the pattern that I quickly grabbed all the supplies and proceeded to cut my material to size. I didn't even think twice about cutting it; just added 4 inches to the total for the design size and started stitching. After a while I began to notice that I was going to be extremely close to my edge and thought uh oh did I read the design area wrong. No, I didn't but that is when I noticed that it didn't say what count of cloth was used. DUH! I should have picked up on that a little quicker but I have to chalk that up to being too excited to get Curtis' Father's Day present to stitch. I went back to this person's site and looked more carefully and sure enough it showed the stitch count and design size for several different count materials. The 14 count is what I am using and of course, that wasn't what they used. Oh well, I like the design so I can finish the part I started and keep it for myself. You know what they say about assuming right?! I think the only person looking like the derriere' here is me! Lesson learned.

Will attempt to take a picture of what I have done with the under the sea project and the new Astros' project and put it on here within the next day or so. (Notice I said attempt?!?!)

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Beth said...

Can't wait to see pictures, Terry!