Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. The only thing that could have made mine better was if I could have actually gone to see my Mom. With Logan being so sick for most of the week, I couldn't take the chance that I may carry the germs to her so we decided that I'd come visit her the following weekend. (AS long as none of the other children catch this horrible bug!)

I received my first gift about a week ago. Curtis bought be the Bronte sisters book collection! I can't wait to sink my teeth into those books! On Friday afternoon I received some beautiful tulips and a box of chocolates. I was nice and shared the chocolates with him but the flowers had to be put up on the window ledge in the kitchen because the kids kept trying to grab them to smell. Once the buds started opening I started enjoying the beautiful fragrance of tulips in my kitchen. I received the final Gilmore Girls season on DVD - now I have them all. I do love that show and really have missed it this year. Hopefully they will do a movie in a year or two to update us on the lives of this funny group. I also received the newest James Patterson book last week and of course, I read it. I believe that I read it during those nights when Logan wanted me with him but didn't want me to lay down. At least I was able to enjoy reading even if I was extremely groggy and irritable the next day! Curtis brought dinner home on Saturday and made us dinner last night. All in all, I'd say I was pretty darn spoiled for Mother's Day, wouldn't you??

I took some time last night after most of the children were settled for the night and got some stitching done. I hope to post an updated picture sometime tomorrow. Oh and I received the Astro's pattern so I can now start Curtis' Father's Day gift. At least, that's what I'm hoping I can get it done for, if not it's going to have to be his birthday gift. After I ordered this pattern I saw that this person had several other patterns for the Astro's so I'm going to be ordering from them again very shortly.

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Jennifer said...

We've gotten hooked on the Gilmore Girls by watching them on DVD from Netflix. I watched the first episode by myself, then waited to watch the rest with my DH because I knew he'd enjoy the show as well.