Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Progress for Astro's project

I actually have more done than this but I don't have a more updated shot. I have been able to get the A totally outlined even though I did spend some time ripping part of it back out because the very first stitch I put in was off by one. I'm now trying to finish the gold color then on to completely fill in the A. I don't think I'm going to get this done in time for it to be framed for Father's Day but I don't think Curtis is going to mind. He's been checking out my progress and helping with Ryan when I work on it. I try to stitch on it when the game is on each night but that doesn't always happen. Last night we forgot the game was on early so we missed the first hour of the game but thankfully we didn't miss anything good. I was able to start stitching around 9:30 so I stitched for a little over an hour. If I can get Marie started on her new project I'm hoping to make time (about an hour) each day to work on it while she works on hers. If I can get an hour during the day and whatever at night I might get it done a week after Father's Day.

I'm really excited about getting Marie going on a project. Last summer when I tried to teach her how to stitch she didn't quite grasp it and was very frustrated. She did her class project last week on how to stitch and she did a great job and was very happy. She's been bugging me every day to start the new project so if she behaves today and helps me clean out her disaster area, I mean room, then we can start tomorrow. I'll try to get the pictures I took of her for her project on here in the next day or so; she was so cute. I think this is the first class project that she's been very excited about all year!

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Meari said...

It looks good, Terry. I hope Marie has a nice time trying to stitch the 2nd time around and no frustration. :)