Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Topic of the week for May 5th

Okay, our topic for this week is: How did you choose the name of your blog and is there a special reason for it?

Hmmm, the name of my blog is Shut up and stitch! I guess you can say that I was a little disgusted with myself at that time as I hadn't stitched in over 10 years. I'd been wanting to get back to it but hadn't made any time to just sit down and stitch. For a couple of months I had been looking at my stash and telling myself that I was going to get started on the Thomas Kinkade kit that I had purchased two years before. Two months later I hadn't started it or any other project so I got a little upset with myself and just said, "Shut up and stitch already!"

I still have weeks where I don't get time to sit down and stitch but I at least have it all out and a corner near my recliner where most of it sits waiting for me to sit down and put in a few stitches. I've been away from it for a couple of weeks due to illnesses. First I got sick then the little ones and then the oldest came home with the stomach bug last week so that was another week shot. I'm hoping to set aside some time tonight to put a few stitches into the under the sea project. I'd love to get that finished as I'm waiting to receive the Houston Astros kit/pattern that I purchased on e-bay this past weekend. I have to jump right on that one as I want it completed and framed for hubby for Father's Day from the kids. He just recently had his office at work refurbished with all new furniture so some of the decorations that were in there before had to come out as they didn't go with the new color scheme. I know that once this project is finished and I have it framed that it will have a place of honor on the wall. Now, if I can just find the time "shut up and stitch!"

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