Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quick update

My camera battery is charging but once it's back to full I will take a picture of the piece I'm doing for Marie and the other one I started. I still haven't made it to Michael's for the floss so I can finish Marie's piece but I'm hoping to get there sometime this coming week. I did take time out to take care of Marie while she had the stomach virus and then to recoup myself as I had been running like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Although I haven't done much cross stitching lately I did make some curtains for the playroom on Sunday/Monday of this week. I need to get some more material as I misjudged the amount of material I needed for the smaller windows but I know how to fix it and will be doing so in the next week or two. Once I do, I will post a picture of them so you can see that I do attempt other things other than just cross stitching. (Although from the looks of the one set of curtains, perhaps I should practice regular sewing more!! LOL) I used some flannel sheets that we bought and couldn't stand as it's too hot in Florida for flannel sheets 95% of the time.

I finally pulled my sewing machine out that Curtis bought me last year and used it to make the curtains and a scissor bag for myself. I need lots more practice before I do much else but I was looking at another blog and would so love to try to make one of those pin booklets. I found out while making the curtains that I need something other than the little "box" that the straight pins come in while attempting to sew stuff. If I ever get around to making one of those I will be sure to post a picture.

Hopefully this week I can get back to stitching and finish another project or two. Wish me luck!!

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Meari said...

Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects. Which blog has the sewing projects?

To answer your question: Yes, I had the alternator tested/looked at twice. The auto shop said there wasn't anything wrong with the battery, the starter, or the alternator. He told me aside from replacing parts on a whim, there isn't much I can do. Maybe your DH has some insight? Feel free to email me privately, if you'd like.