Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay, I didn't start back up on TK yet. I did start a new project for Marie. I was going to make her a bookmark but decided on something a tad bigger. Of course, I ran out of the color I need to complete it and have to wait until Curtis or I go to "town" so we can pick up a couple skeins. I just hate the fact that Wal-mart no longer carries floss. With gas prices today, I just can justify driving over 30 miles for one or two skeins of floss. It would be tolerable if we had an LNS here but of course, there isn't one in town. There is one in St. Augustine and one in Ormond but nothing here. (either way I'd have at least a 30 minute drive to get the floss I need)

I have picked another project that I wanted to work on from a free chart one of the girls on ILCS posted the other day. I love the colors, and it doesn't hurt that there are only four colors in the entire project. I did locate my fabric; it was stuck down in the bottom of my supply bin. I don't have a lot but I do have enough to do some little projects. I think I feel the need to work on little projects for a couple of reasons. 1) I need to relax and destress somehow and this is a great way of doing it. 2) I can have some finishes to enjoy. 3) The more I stitch the easier it gets; sometimes I feel like I'm all thumbs and I so don't want to mess up TK!

I really want to start on Dave's present for next year but I need to make that trip to Michael's or Joanns for some fabric. It will need a nice piece and a specific color too. I think once I get it started it will be a fast moving project so I'm not worried about putting it off. Curtis' present is another story. I still haven't found anything I want to do yet. We are hoping to head to Houston for vacation sometime this next summer so I know I can find something to scan but I'd really like to find something before that so I can get to working on it during the days. If I work on it at night he will know what I'm doing and I can't have that. If I wait too long I won't be able to get it done and the kids stuff. I know, pretty pathetic isn't it; it's January and I'm worrying about NEXT Christmas!

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