Monday, January 7, 2008

First finish of 2008

This should have been completed in 2007 but I had a lot of distractions during the Chrismas Holiday. I'm just glad it's done so I can take my TK project back up and start on another smaller project. I also need to make a trip to get some more fabric but first I must decide what I want to start next. I have a couple of ideas for Christmas presents for next year so I'd like to narrow that down and start on those. I will work on those on Fridays like the rest in one of the groups. I think I will make Tuesday and Wednesday a Thomas Kinkade stitch day and the rest of the week can be whatever else I have going. Now if I can only stick to that...

Goals for 2008:

1) Finish Thomas Kinkade

2) Finish Chrismas presents for hubby and brother

3) Make Marie a nice bookmark so she'll have one like Daddy

4) Make Christmas ornaments - one for each child for 2008 tree

5) Finish the Santa project from 10 years ago.

6) Work on the other UFO's that I have.

I think this is all for now but I'm sure there is more but I just can't remember it all; should have written them down when I originally thought of this list.

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