Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogger hates me today!

I've tried to leave a comment on a blog and it just throws me to a blank page. Drat!  I really want to throw my name in the hat for the giveaway but even more I want to ask Heather at Heather's Stitching Story how she gridded her fabric for her HAED's Fireside Fairytales!!  I'm more than half way done gridding my very first HAED but it has given me fits.  I found a couple of different blogs/sites that show different ways to grid but I didn't see Heather's until AFTER I started gridding mine.  Ain't that the way life goes?? lol 

I still need to get my Christmas tree and decorations put away.  At that point I should be able to find my vase that I'm using for the TUSAL.  I need to get it done this weekend as I believe next week is the first posting for 2012!  I had it picked out before Christmas in hopes that I could join but put it on the shelf behind where I set up the tree every year.  I can't see it which means I hid it from the kids.  I know it's back there but..... lol

I still haven't taken pictures of my stitching but I've also not done any unless you count gridding my HAED. lol  Here is what I purchased and am itching to start!!  I'm not crazy enough to start it without gridding because, although I love counted cross stitch, it seems I can't COUNT! lol  At least not on any of my bigger projects. ;)

I'd better get off here, my homemade lentl soup is almost warmed up on the stove and I'm hungry and cold. lol  Hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend (and to those who don't get Monday off have a wonderful weekend!)

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