Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year....almost!

I can't believe how the time has flown by this year!  It seems the end of the year flies by and yet drags at times too. lol  I think when the stores start bringing out the Christmas decorations out before Halloween or at the same time, it makes Christmas seem like it lasts forever! 

The kids all got sick during the last two weeks of school before Christmas break and of course shared with me.  It finally just settled in my sinuses and I had a nice sinus infection going on but I think I've finally kicked that bugger out.  Not very enjoyable and no time spent with the extended family because of the fevers but we will get together within the week and have a "late Christmas celebration".  Kids should love that as they'll get to open more presents. lol

I've been doing lots of stitching but have no pictures at this time.  Hopefully later I can edit this post with a pic or two for you.  Sadly, I have done no Christmas ornaments.  I guess I wasn't that taken with the JCS Ornament issue this year and that has got to be a first!  I usually see about 20 or more that I JUST HAVE TO STITCH! lol  Maybe in July I'll pick it up again and see something I like.....then again...

I did purchase my first HAED recently and have been puttering around getting all the supplies.  I happen to have a piece of fabric the right size in my stash so will be able to start gridding that soon.  I'm still not exactly sure what to use for the gridding.  Seems like everyone loves either using a floss not used in your stitching or nylon thread.  I'll figure that out soon I'm sure.  I have all but two colors of floss.  Our Michael's has been letting their floss slowly empty out and so has the one 30 miles away.  DH tried to go to Joann's while down that way but the check out line was wrapped around the back of the store so I told him to just forget it.  I'm sure he would have stood in the line for 30 or 40 minutes but I couldn't put him through that torture. lol  I will grid out the pattern according to their directions and start this new year.  I can't wait to start this one, especially with the grid to help.  If all goes well, then I will start my Thomas Kinkade piece over after gridding it as well. lol  Still have to finish my JCS sampler, which I've loved doing.  I made a slight error in judgment and need to rearrange things so no pic until it is complete.  Ok, maybe a picture of the first part or two but then nothing until it's completed. lol

I hope everyone has a lovely and safe New Year's Eve.  We will be staying home and enjoying watching the ball drop on the televison.  I'm sure the kids will all still be awake for it as we didn't roll out of bed until 10:00 this morning!  MIRACLE! lol


Cheryl said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Meari said...

Happy New Year, Terry! I've never done gridding but I think I'd just use floss. Sounds like you've got a plan for 2012 stitching. ☺

Is everyone feeling better now?