Monday, August 15, 2011


I can't believe I haven't posted in four months!  Oy! lol

I did stitch for a little while but then lost my mojo again.  Not sure where it went this time but hopefully I can find it again as I just got the JCS Halloween magazine and would like to stitch some of those cute patterns. 

I haven't worked since two weeks before school let out so I guess that's been since the very end of May.  We decided the difference in money with me not driving all over town every day is more than what I would have made working so it was best to just not work.  Not to mention, I started really working on Logan with the potty training.  It's only taken almost ten weeks but the boy can finally wear big boy underwear during the day now.  Still have to work on the bm's but hey, at least he goes "pee pee in the potty" now. lol  Let me tell you, that has been a very LONG time coming.  I've been working with him off/on on this for four years now.  I don't know what finally gave but whatever it was I'm very thankful!! 

Since school is starting back up next Monday we've also decided that I should volunteer in his classroom too.  It has taken so long to get him to this point in the potty training that I really didn't want any back sliding.  The thought of having to reteach this again for the millionth time makes me want to vomit. lol  I will have to see who his teacher is to see if she'll allow me in the classroom and then see about going in the second week of school.  Ryan is in kindergarten this year so he'll go the first day (Monday) and then not again until Thursday.  They like to stagger the start for the first years.  Sounds like a good plan but since the majority of the kids attended VPK the previous year I think it's kind of silly.  I sure won't mind having him to myself for two whole days but for those other parents who work for a

Marie will be starting middle school and is terrified.  Not only will she be going to a new school but now she has to go to the school she's zoned for which is like we moved to a different state.  She may be lucky to know one or two kids but that will be it.  Katie and Ryan will now be attending the same school as Logan so they're basically in the same boat.  lol  To add to the chaos we will also be adding to the number in our house.  No we aren't adopting or having another child. lol  My father-in-law is coming to stay with us.  He thinks we're crazy for wanting him to come stay with us but I explained to him that I would rather he be here than us worrying about him on his own with no where to go on the other side of the country.  I'm looking on the bright side of all this.  Maybe I will keep my house cleaner, the children won't fight as much and I'll be more apt to not yell when the kids do fight. lol

Hey, who knows, maybe with all the extra stress/chaos I'll even find my stitching mojo again!!!!!  Either that or I'll be charging my Kindle every other day so it can read to me.... I wonder if it has a headphone jack??? lol  Headphones means no or little outside noise and being read to while I fold clothes would work, right??!!

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mdgtjulie said...

Wow is right. Lots going on with your household!!! I hope everything goes smoothly with the kids and school and "grandpa" moving in. I'm sure the kids will try and play you against him, lol. Good luck finding your stitching mojo. Mine was gone for about a year, but then one day I had to urge to pick up my needle and I've been going strong ever since. Here's hoping yours comes back the same way, and soon!!