Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't faint!

I am posting again within the same month, heck, almost a week later. lol

Kids all started school yesterday and it went pretty smoothly.  As expected Marie was too nervous to eat much.  She did great though as I knew she would.  She didn't get to meet any girls her age that live near us but she did get to know a boy in her grade and his sister who is a junior in high school.  Yes you got that right.  They decided to save some money (ROFLMBO) and combine some middle and high school buses.  The problems that I thought would come about from that were not as I thought, but they did find on the stop right after hers that they had underestimated how many kids would be riding.  According to the schedule there are two more stops after Marie's but they couldn't get those kids because the bus was overflowing.  (I really thought there would be bullying from the high school kids but turns out they were the nice ones it was the eighth graders who did all the bullying)  So to solve this in the afternoon, they picked up the middle schoolers and delivered them home then went back to pick up the high school kids.  Hmmmm, something tells me that this idea didn't save any money at all.  The poor HS kids were standing out in the hot sun for over an hour waiting on the bus to get to their school.  I believe today they'll wait inside an a/c building. lol

Afternoon pickup at the elementary school was jammed up big time and parents were all sorts of upset.  Here's the thing, if you expect your kids to do what they're told then perhaps you, as parents should do the same thing.  It is told and printed on anything to do with car riders that parents are to stay in their cars at all times.  DO NOT GET OUT TO GET YOUR KIDS!!   It seems that the massive hold up involved parents getting in the pick up line and then just abandoning getting out of their cars and going to get their kids.  It took us over a half hour to finally get to the pick up area and we weren't even that far back.  I believe I sweated over 10 pounds off yesterday afternoon and might possibly have suffered a little heat stroke.  Today, the cooler with water, gatorade and juice will be coming with us and if I see another parent abandon their car to go get their kids I'm going to have to do a smack down on their butts  give them a piece of my mind!!  After all that we had to wait for another minute or two while they located Ryan as he was so quiet (I suspect he fell asleep lol) that when they grabbed Logan and Katie he never budged.  'Course it did have something to do with them not sitting near each other.  I believe I've rectified that now though. lol

My father-in-law decided that he wasn't crazy wanted to try to work things out with his wife so he went back home.  We spent five days last week on the phone with him and the hospital in a city about eight hours away from where he lives because they got into a fight and he left rather than let it get really bad. I guess he figured it was better there than in our house where he'd have no room of his own and four kids around him most of the time.  There is so much more to this story that I just don't even want to go into but I did finally tell my husband that when this happens again that we aren't going to just jump right in with the offer of help without some ground rules.  He doesn't even want to speak to either of them but thankfully he's remembering that his dad is 72 years old and his only father so he's still speaking to him at least.  Personally, I'm over it all and am thankful he didn't come out. lol

Still no stitching and not sure when that mojo will find it's way back to me.  Maybe after the school routine gets settled.  I did get my volunteer ID yesterday so I'm set to start next week.  I'm actually excited about going in and staying for most of the day.  Hopefully if I am able to help them out like this in a year or two when the economy gets back on track and they can hire again I'll have my foot in the door.

Have a great week!


Meari said...

They don't normally combine kids of different ages/grades on the bus? When I went to school, we had everyone from kindergarden all the way to seniors in high school.

Mrs. Know Nothing said...

Hey there! Sounds like you have a lot going on now that school is back in session. I did the pick up line a few times last year when Matthew was in kindergarten, but could not stand how the other parents behaved in line. Now I park the car and walk to get him. A lot less stress involved that way.

I hope you enjoy volunteering this year. I got to help for one day so far. Around here it is based on teacher need. Wish it were more. Have a great evening!