Friday, April 8, 2011


 Here is the finish for March; G is for Girl from the Just Cross Stitch March/April issue.

Here is my current project; Berries, Birds, and Blooms by BRD from the March/April Just Cross Stitch issue.

Please excuse the wrinkles as I haven't ironed them yet.  I'm chomping at the bit to get the current project done so I can start the B is for Boys when it comes out in the May/June issue.

I haven't been stitching much in the past couple of days because we have had a little more excitement than usual lately.  On Wednesday while at the one school picking up little bit, my cell phone rang.  I thought, okay Marie, you had better be on the bus and not saying Oops!  I missed it so I have to stay after school anyways.  She had called me at home about 20 mins before asking to stay after to have help with her homework.  I don't know why, but I said no.  I just had a feeling that I would be really busy at the time that she would need to be picked up.  I wasn't working and only had housework and children to take care of but I didn't feel that she should stay after.  Good thing as I would have had to pick her up early anyway. 

It turned out that it was Logan's teacher on the phone.  Logan had thrown a little fit, no more than usual when he's upset or irritated when he can't communicate what he wants.  She was concerned because he had started sobbing and saying "Hurt, Hurt!" and was now holding his one arm against his body and walking funny.  I figured he'd dislocated his shoulder and that we could just take him to the doctor and have him pop it back in.  Of course, it wasn't that easy and it wasn't dislocated either.  The doctor's nurse said to take him to the ER and have an x-ray done.  I was a little irritated with her because I thought why can't he just look at him and know??  Stupid Mommy!  DH had to work late and couldn't get away, so me and all four kids headed to the hospital for what I thought would be a quick visit.  Thankfully two and a half hours later DH was able to come get the other three who were bored out of their minds!  All things considered, they acted great but I was about to pull my hair out until he got there.  Another three hours and we had the results of his x-ray, a broken right collar bone!  They can't do anything for this other than put him in a sling and have me give him tylenol or motrin for pain.  Maybe for another child that would be fine but Logan's autistic and refuses to take any meds orally anymore!!

Needless to say we had a pretty horrible night with him up most of it whimpering and refusing any meds.  I was able to locate some Tylenol suppositories the next day after calling every major pharmacy in the area.  His doctor recommended trying the local grocery store's pharmacy and would you believe that is where I found some with the right dosage for him???   I couldn't believe that Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS didn't carry his dosage.  I know that he's 8 but still, he can't be the only child that has issues with taking meds orally...... can he????!!!  The really great thing about this find is that, they have quite a bit of it in stock and it's cheaper than the infant dosage that I was buying at Walgreens!!

Today is much better, he slept through the night and is irritated because he wants to be able to do more but can't.  Now, if I can just get the house clean, the laundy done, the dishes done, the kids picked up from school and still have enough energy to stitch tonight after dinner it will be a great day!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday and it continues into an even better weekend!


Cath said...

Ouch ! hope it gets better soon, poor lad. XXX

Anonymous said...

Oh my. What a time you all have had. Hope Logan feels better soon! Try to enjoy your weekend and get some rest. Hang in there!

Carolyn NC said...

Poor kid - glad it's all taken care of now! Nice stitching, too.