Saturday, February 21, 2009

July and August done

Loved this too; so did Katie!

This was fun; love the colors!

I finished these two a couple of weeks ago but life got in the way of me posting the pictures. I was able to start on September last night and got pretty far with it before bedtime. I can't wait to finish!

On the non stitchy fun I've been having....Spring cleaning of sorts. Logan broke the couch; I ordered a new futon to be shipped to our local WM so I wouldn't have to pay shipping. One should never order something online without getting a complete picture of what one is purchasing. The futon is really nice but so not kid friendly. Or at least not my kid friendly is how I should have put it. He would have torn it to bits in less than a day. It's sturdy but the cover is held on by these dowel looking things with a tiny piece of material to hold it to the actual futon. Yeah, Logan would have gotten to those in less then a minue even with the protective plastic sheet and regular sheet I had used to cover it. LOL

The only reason I ordered it was because I thought that no store had any in stock other than the regular metal ones. WRONG! Target had a nice one for a nice chunk of money less than the one I ordered so we grabbed it. Now I could have tried to send the original one back but Logan got to another piece of furniture too. DH has a recliner just like mine, or it was before Logan played with it. The back is having issues whether you are just sitting in it and rocking or you have the footrest up. We've had to perform maintenance on both these chairs before so we know where the problem might be located if it can be fixed. That is to be done tomorrow while DH is home; if it can't be fixed he will be hauling it out to the curb for someone to take home and figure how to fix or the garbage man comes for it first. I like having a futon in my living room; I can sit down and fold clothes and actually be comfortable. It's a lot easier than sitting on the floor surrounded by clothes.

The fun part of this has been all the cleaning I've been doing in order to make room for these items. I've done some much needed cleaning to get rid of a desk that just was a junk collector. I have four children, I don't need something that will collect junk for them. We have enough crap without the extra help, thank you very much! In doing all the cleaning I finally realized that you can't always reach all the areas that need to be dusted when you do your normal cleaning. I spent two and a half days cleaning and getting rid of things. I also spent the following 4 days with severe allergy problems because of all the dust you can't reach until you start moving things around. OMG! I had a cold the week before and that was like a day at the beach compared to what I went through with my allergies. I'm sure that the pollen count outside hasn't been the greatest lately which only added to my pain. Have you ever had allergies so bad that you couldn't put your glasses on your face????

I had to take some days off while I battled my allergies but I hope to be completely done with this move by tomorrow night. I moved things and didn't really like the way it looked so I've been figuring out in my head how I want to arrange them so it looks a little better. Ever have one of those situations???


Carolyn NC said...

Nice finishes! Well, at least the cleaning is done here and now you won't have to worry about it for awhile!

Anonymous said...

Love the new finishes. You are right about the colors - they are very nice. Hope you get over the allergies soon. Those are never any fun.

Sharon said...

Cute finishes! Sounds like were doing some serious dusting there! Hope you feel better!

Meari said...

I really like the watermelons, Terry! Congrats on all the purging and cleaning. At least you're getting some new furniture out of it, LOL You'll have to post some pics of your new stuff!

Meari said...

P.S. I hope your allergies are better now. Mine always flare up when I do cleaning like you describe. Stirs up too much dust!

Mylene said...

Cute finishes!! Hope you feel much better by now.

CindyMae said...

Lovely finishes!! They are great! Cleaning . . . what is that? I need to do some in a bad way around my house!!