Monday, August 4, 2008

What a great birthday!

I had a wonderful 40th birthday yesterday! We got up early to take the kids to the beach. After the beach, we hurried home to bathe/shower and get the house cleaned up for the sitters to come. They watched all four kids while hubby and I headed out to watch a movie. We had been to a movie a couple of months back and agreed that when the new Batman movie came out we wanted to see it on the giant screen. I'd since heard that there were some gory parts and that it was very dark so I wasn't too sure about going. I thought it was a great Batman movie! I think Christian Bale is now tied for my favorite Batman! As for Heath Ledger; he was unbelievably scary as the joker. He deserves some award for his acting in this movie.

We headed out to Carraba's for dinner after the movie. It was hard deciding where I wanted to go for dinner but I finally decided that everytime we go to Carraba's, the food is really good. I had the best, melt-in-your-mouth steak. Of course, I couldn't get through the day without a little mishap. On the way to our table, we passed another table where the waiter had been kneeling down to talk to the people. As I walked by, he jumped up and accidently stomped on my foot. The good thing was it was the other foot that was in good shape. I fell trying to walk out the door the other day and pulled some muscles in my left foot/leg. Thankfully, he stomped on the right foot so it only throbbed for a little while. I was chuckling throughout the meal, thinking about how gracefull I was for the first 40 years and that I was hoping the next 40 would be a little more gracefull and a little less painful.

On the way home for dinner, hubby stopped by the grocery store to pick up what I thought was a piece of cake that we'd share when we got home. He is good! He went looking for the single pieces and when he couldn't find one he liked he went over to the bakery counter like he was going to ask for more. Of course, he'd ordered a big cake and had it decorated! He was smart though and didn't listen to them when they suggested going with the black theme. It was lovely; purple, pink and blue flowers with white frosting. Good man, my husband! We shared the cake with the kids and the sitters so thankfully, I won't have too many calories to worry about for the next couple of days.

I received flowers, a new watch, a set of books that I'd been ogling for months, a beautiful John Wayne piece that is part of a collectors edition, a pen set that I'd been telling him I would love to have some day, more books and more flowers. I had the best birthday and it made turning 40 enjoyable instead of dreadful!


Maureen said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday,having a bit of grown up time without kids is always good..

Meari said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Terry! It sounds like a great one. :) I didn't know we were the same age!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Happy birthday to you! And many, many more!

Sharon said...

Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like a great one!