Friday, August 22, 2008

A quick update

Can you say stir crazy?? The kids have been off of school since Wednesday due to the tropical storm. The first two days it was supposed to hit us and be extremely windy and wet but of course mother nature had her own ideas. They were calling for school to be open today but at 11:00 last night we received the call with the recorded message saying no school for Friday. The rain and wind hit during the wee hours of the morning and it hasn't let up much since then. I've been trying to keep the kids from climbing the way for two of the three days but it hasn't been easy. They want to go to school or go outside but neither is an option today.

Logan has a new saying that I'm still trying to figure out. He's been going into my utensil drawer and taking all my teaspoons (and not tablespoons too) and saying what sounds like, "make it good." Now I know that isn't what he's really saying but I'm stumped on what he's actually trying to convey. He smiles and looks at the spoon to see himself upside down and then turns his head as much as he can to try to see himself upside right. I turn the spoon around so he can see himself on the back upside right but he just turns it back around and we start all over again. I've given up and am now letting him just line the spoons up. I will eventually figure out what he's trying to say. It will hit me like a ton of bricks later and I'll feel like a complete idiot that I couldn't figure it out sooner.
Here's the latest shot of my progress on under the sea. I've had a chance to work on it for an hour or so each day so I'm happy. I'm almost done; just have to finish the last ivy, the little bit of half stitches and then I can finish the backstitch and have another finish. I tried to pull the floss for a couple of different biscornu's but found I don't have a complete set of floss for any biscornue I have patterns for so I think it's time to start the one 4 Seasons SAL that I've been trying to start for a while. I have another SAL (Halloween) that will be starting September 1st so I'd like to have a good start on the first SAL so I can work on both. I should be able to work on both a little bit each night or at least I hope so. (I'd really like to actually do a SAL at the same time as other people rather than finish way way way later!!)


Carolyn said...

Under the Sea is so pretty. I wanted to ask you about something. Could you shoot me your e-mail?

Anonymous said...

Under the Sea is beautiful...sorry about the storm, she is really enjoying Florida!

Meari said...

Ohhh, that's pretty Terry!

Sharon said...

Under the sea is looking wonderful!