Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Topic of the week for June 30th

What is your favorite holiday and why??

Hmmm that is a tough one for me. I love Christmas because I have little ones and they get soooo excited when Santa comes. I love all the good food and all the pretty decorations. I also love Thanksgiving because it's a day where DH can stay home with us and just relax. Most times my family spends it home by ourselves so I don't have to cook a turkey I can do something else fun. I think I made a nice chili dinner this past year as no one came over as they all had plans elsewere. I did miss the turkey leftovers and all the other good next day leftovers so I think I will go back to making the turkey with all the trimmings this year!

When you were a kid what was your favorite holiday and why??

That is easy and it's not going to be what you would think! I loved LOVED the 4th of July! We lived on a lake in a small town in Connecticut. Although fireworks were frowned upon they never pushed the issue. The neighbors would order all sorts of good fireworks and set them off on their "raft" on the lake in front of their house. We'd sit outside with a little bonfire going and roast marshmellows, put a huge watermelon in the lake to get cold and make home made ice cream. OH the great times we had, especially the time they thought they had dropped a match on the raft where all the fire works were! My brother and the neighbor's son were in long pants and long sleeved shirts (it was a cool wet day!) when it happend. My brother freaked and dove into the water fully clothed and the neighbor jumped into the boat that was tied to the raft. What a hoot it was when they realized the match went out before it ever got near the fireworks! I'm not sure which is remembered with more glee; the fireworks display or the soggy teenagers lighting them!

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Barbara said...

Christmas was always my favorite holiday though I have wonderful memories of staying up late to see the 4th of July fireworks. Now that I live abroad, I miss Thanksgiving the most.