Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Astros's Update

Not much more done as I've been busy with the little one this past week but I did get to put a few stitches in last night before they got fussy. We were able to watch most of the Home Run Derby but I missed out on the final match because Logan said Go to bed, Goodnight! and started screaming. It would have been a perfect match up if Lance Berkman had been able to go up against Josh Hamilton but the outcome was good. Josh broke some records but tired himself out too much (28 homeruns in the first session WOW!) and the underdog won. I was happy as long as none of their picks won but I would have been estatic if Berkman could have been there in the final. Oh well at least he and Tejada will be playing tonight in the All Star Game so it's going to be another fun night of baseball! I'm hoping that next year we get to take our vacation to Houston to see some games at the ballpark.


Beth said...

Astros is coming along nicely!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on Crossed Purposes.

Anna is watching Shrek until she falls asleep and we're going to go play in the baby pool once she wakes from her nap.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs & stithes,

Meari said...

Hi Terry! Just wanted to let you know I think you're "brilliante" and have given you an award. Look on my blog. :)

Your piece is coming along great.