Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update for week of June 16th

Here is the latest update shot of the Astros project that I've been working on for hubby. I had hoped to finish it in time for Father's Day but with the kids and me being sick for about a week that threw all my good intentions right out the window. I didn't get a chance to work on it at all yesterday as the kids were in rare form.

For some reason for the past week or so Katie has decided she is afraid of the dark. She will go to bed but will wake up right about the time we're ready to lay down. I have to go in her room, turn the light on and sit there until she falls asleep. She's done that to me every night for the past week. Thankfully yesterday I was able to keep her from taking a nap so she was very tired and didn't wake back up. She did however refuse to go to sleep until after 11:00. Logan was up and running around until around 12:30 a.m. That little stinker decided he was going to eat around 10:00; couldn't get him to eat anything at dinner time so what the heck right? He also has a new knickname; Sir Poop-A-Lot. I think yesterday's record was five dirty diapers for him (not to mention the other two!) We had just got the alarm set for the night and out he runs saying diaper. At least he's telling me right????!! Some days I feel like all I do is feed them and change poopy diapers.

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Meari said...

Yeah, but don'tcha just LOVE the little buggers?? :D Your project is coming along nicely.