Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some time to stitch finally

I did get some stitching done the other night. Not a lot but a line or two which is better than nothing. It seems when I finally sit down to do it, Ryan is tired and wanting to snuggle or Logan is tired and wanting to snuggle. I'm hoping to get more time today or tomorrow to sit and stitch and once I do I think I might get another finish as I'm very close to being done with one of the projects.

I still haven't made it by Michael's or Joann's for the floss I need to finish up Marie's remote control holder. I have been to town at least three times but by the time I'm done with all the other errands the kids are so tired and cranky I just can't drag them through another store. One of these days I will get there. Poor Marie may lose her remotes another five or six times by then but it will get done.

I did get time to fiddle with the new PCStitch some the other day. I had to wait for my CD and my pattern pieces so I could download/upload them. I had some issues with them that I'm still not sure it wasn't operator error. I e-mailed the company on Friday and hadn't heard back from them on the following Wednesday so I e-mailed the sales rep who had contacted me after my original purchase. I told her all about the issues and asked someone to get back with me. I decided to try one more time to get through the issues and of course, because I contacted her everything worked this time. She was very prompt and got back with me so I had to tell her I had figured it all out and what I had done to get it to work. In other words, I had no idea what I did but here are the steps I took. Oy!

I did design name plaques that I will be making for the kids so they will know which toy boxes belong to them. They can keep their own toys in their own box and never fight over toys again. Yeah, right, I know but in theory it works. I can't wait to start them with the new stash I received about a month ago. I forgot to post about that didn't I??

On a whim, I advertised on the local freecycle that I would take any cross stitch material, floss or patterns that anyone didn't want anymore. I figured it was worth a shot not really thinking I would hear back from someone but I did. I got three bags full of great stash. This woman had just about one of every color DMC floss put in the little floss bags on rings and decided she didn't like them so she gave them to me. She also gave me quite a bit of Aida cloth and a few other pieces as well as some patterns and some kits. What a stash!! I now don't have to worry about purchasing any more material unless I need something special!


Meari said...

Are any of the colors you need in that Freecycle stash?

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.