Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finished Projects

First, I need to admit that I haven't been cross stitching in years. I have recently picked my needle back up as I've really missed it. I think the last time I did any stitching was when my oldest was still in my belly; she's now nine. Way back, I would start a project then get bored and start another one. I probably had five or six projects going at the same time all the time. I would finish several projects at one time, get them framed and give them away as gifts. I've looked around and I've only found one project that I kept for myself (at least so far). It was the first big project that I did for myself from a kit and it needs a little cleaning.

I first started cross stitching as a senior in high school because one of my friends was doing it and it looked fun. I was soon hooked and started collecting my stash. I have just one storage bin full of books, booklets, magazines and floss. Recently I discovered that Wal-mart was no longer going to be selling the floss so I had a field day getting every color that I didn't already have or that I had but was almost gone. My husband was so good that day. (I'm actually very lucky; he's wonderful all the time but the little extra things he does just makes me appreciate him even more) He took the youngest two in the stroller walking around the store while I spent about 10 minutes pulling from their floss caddy. (I now know why they are no longer selling it; that floss caddy was so old and so loud that I had the employees chuckling at me by the time I was done getting my mound of skeins.)

I made a bookmark recently which has become MIA - not sure if the hubby took it (I did make it for him) or my eldest snagged it for her book. It felt good to finish that one little project so I was hesitant to start anything bigger because I don't have a lot of time to stitch. With four children, two of whom go to therapy several times a week it's hard to squeeze stitching into my schedule. I've decided that my stitching time will be when the two youngest are napping (if I get lucky enough and they nap at the same time) or when everyone settles for the evening.

My newest project is from a kit as I can't find any booklet or book for Thomas Kinkade. I love all of his work so I purchased a kit through e-bay a while back and recently started working on it. I will take a picture of it sometime today and post the picture of the end result and what I have done so far. If I can find anything else stashed that may be done/almost done I will post some pics of those too.

Happy stitching!

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