Wednesday, September 28, 2011


 Witchy Kitty by Brittercup Designs

Happy Halloween by Fresh Threads Studio

Pirate Sock Monkey by Raise the Roof Designs

All of these patterns are from the 2011 Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.  This is the issue that helped me get my mojo back!  I've got to pull threads and then decide if I want to do Halloween Jack on regular fabric or order the perforated paper.  Logan is my destroyer, thinking perhaps I should just stitch on cloth so that it survives for more than 5 minutes. lol 

I love the fall; just wish the weather would actually mimic the season it's supposed to right now.  Today the forecast is for a high of 90 and no rain chance until after dinner.  The only good thing is that I will not have to sit in car rider line today as we have a meeting about Ryan at school.  Yeah!  As soon as the meeting is over, I'm grabbing the kids and heading home to relax in the a/c. lol


Vonna said...

What cute Halloween pieces you chose to stitch! Hope the weather starts getting cooler....90's near October...golly!

Kelly said...

I love all of them, they are so cute!
well done!

Mylene said...

wow! i am jealous...wish i can stitch too-way too tired so haven't had much energy for it the last weeks...such cute designs you have chosen.

Mrs. Know Nothing said...

Hey! I love your finishes. Looks like you have managed to get quite a bit done. Everything looks wonderful.

I hope your family is well and that the weather has finally started to cool down some. It is in the 60's and 70's here right now, but that won't last for long. Take care.

Carolyn NC said...

Very cute!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finishes, Terry. I just received the Halloween issue as a RAK. I want to stich up the Britty Kitty and sock monkey.