Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oops, I did it again!

Time has been getting away from me so much this past year.  I can't seem to get on here and post like I want once a week.  I'm lucky to do once a month.  SIGH* hanging my head in shame.

Nope, stiching mojo didn't last long at all.  It has been over a month and I'm still not done with my Christmas ornament.  I have no idea what my problem is anymore.  I just don't seem to want to pick up any stitching.  I pick it up and put a few stitches in and then realize that I'm just not into it and put it right back where I found it.  There are such lovely projects that I had wanted to start and finish but nothing is catching my fancy. 

I've started back on the flat belly diet again.  It was so great to lose the weight last year and not gain ALL of it back.  I did gain some but nowhere near as bad.  I'm about 7 pounds away from hitting my lowest weight from last year so I think I may be able to stick to it this time.  I believe that since we started after the school schedules are now pretty much a done deal that I will have a much better chance of keeping on it then I did last year.  I do know that I will not be denying myself the coffee this time around though.  I'm a coffee girl, there is no denying it so I just might as well face it.  I am only allowing myself a cup a day.  It's better to indulge a little then go hog wild and completely blow it, don't you think??  I'm over the initial four day hump where I did deny myself coffee and just knew that I have to figure out a way to add it in or this diet is done. lol 

I've also had some "woman" issues as of late which is probably not helping the diet or the stitching mojo. lol  I think I'm hitting the pre-menopause stage.  Is anyone else going through that in their early forties????  I'm crankier than cranky, tired all the time (that's normal anymore lol) having two visits from Aunt Flo this month which didn't help.  Emotions are on a roller coaster which is so much fun when you have little ones. lol  I did find some lovely stuff that will hopefully be helping me with most of this but I have to wait until 14 days after the "last" day to begin.  Fine, but, can I count from the first one or do I have to start 14 days form the second one???? ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!  How appropriate can it be that I feel this way and it's close to Halloween???!!! ROFLMBO

I will attempt to get a progress shot of my ornament.  It is almost done just going to take forever to finish it at the rate I'm going.  I usually love this time of year and stitching all of the lovely Halloween goodies that are available.  Nope, not this year!  GOD, please help me to get back to my stitching as it's what keeps me from going completely looney!! ;)


Carolyn NC said...

Things sounds a little crazy for you right now. Hope it all settles down. And don't worry about the stitching - we all need breaks. :)

Kelly said...

Yup, pre menopuase am I lol. Hot flushes, Aunt Flo all over the place, sometimes not appearing for two or three months......night sweats, tired etc etc etc.

Meari said...

OK, I have to ask... What is the flat belly diet?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a lot going on right now. Motherhood and getting older are always fun times. I hope that everything is starting to even out for you now. Take care.