Thursday, October 7, 2010

An evening at the Cole house

Some conversation from the Cole children when they think Mommy is distracted


C'mon Kaitlyn, you can get out of timeout now, Mommy said so.  - REALLY??? I don't recall speaking but maybe I was thinking it and he read my mind. ;)

GO! Get OUT of my room I'm trying TO DO MY HOMEWORK!!!

C'mon, COME ON KAITLYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut up Ryan!  Get out of my room!

Vroom! Vroom!  

NO! His name is Ferdinand! You said Ferdinana!



I don't want to play anymore Ryan!

Get BACK here!

Yes you do!  PLEASE, come play with me!



KAITLAWWWWWNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is what Ryan resorts to when he's mad and he wants her to pay attention to him.

I really wanted to do some stitching tonight while watching the game but I don't think I should chance it while they are fighting so much.  Believe it or not, this has been about three minutes of VERY loud conversation.  Imagine what would happen if I sat here longer. lol

I'm off to supervise the homework Queen  and the fighting trio.  Hope to get some stitching done and if I do, I will post a progress picture but I have to warn you....... don't hold your breath. ;)

EDITED:  In case you were wondering, the children finally calmed down.  Marie did, in fact, finish her project but it was very late. lol  I never did get to sit and stitch as the final child went to bed at 10:20 (yes, that is when Marie a/k/a "THE PROCRASTINATOR" finished her school project.)  Maybe today/tonight but by the time I actually have time to sit I may not feel like doing it.  Anyone ever have that problem???? ;)

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Annette said...

hihi... children they keep you busy all the time... And you have 4.. I've my hands full with my 2 year old!!!!!