Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A new week

I finally got some stitching time in last night on my Rainforests project but I think I may have been too tired when I started it. First, I just have to know, have any of you looked at the pattern, knew which symbol you were stitching but, for some unknown reason, went on to the next symbol but stayed in the same color?????? Yup, you guessed it! I did just that last night. When it was time to go from the c to the z I realized in the middle of my stitching I had gone cross eyed or something and started stitching the z. I needed to frog almost everything I had done up to that point and let me tell you I almost threw it across the room. DH heard my muttering and was giving me the eye so I calmly bit down on my tongue and proceeded to go to another area on the pattern and worked with a totally different color. Not the smartest thing considering what I had just done but all turned out well with that particular color.

Let's see, I did get Katie registered for Kindergarten at her zoned school and filled out the paperwork to request a transfer to Ryan's school. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that we get approved. It will be impossible to go to three different school at the same starting time. Logan ended up being pretty good on the bus toward the end of the year so I didn't have to take him much but I can't see having Ryan get on a bus by himself next year for school. If they don't get to go to the same school it's going to be another hard year of transporting. I'm hoping that they will allow Katie on the bus with Ryan so that I won't have to make two trips to school. Heck, only two will be a breeze but still, I think I'd rather Ryan mature a little and be more independent to a point.

I still need to get my license reniewed. I will be calling for an appointment for next week. There goes my appointment for my mani/pedi. My DH was so very sweet and bought a spa package deal for me to go check out a new place. They were doing a promotion where you can get so much for a small fee. We all know that you can walk in the door with your certificate but it's hard to walk away without a few extras. lol I only have until the end of October to use this certificate so I'm going to have to drag (yeah right!) myself to the shop at least four times between now and then. I'm really looking forward to the haircut! I've been going to Fantastic Sam's lately because it's less expensive and so much more convenient but let me tell you, the quality of the cut is not so great. I'm a bit surprised by that because I've been to another one south of us before and was always satisfied. You just never know I guess.

Still working and attempting to keep caught up with all my chores while entertaining the kids. Still working on our schedule but I think I have one down finally! Going to do a second run on it today to see if it will work as well as yesterday and then "By George I think I've got it!!!" Woo Hoo!!! Only thirteen more days until summer school starts and will have to rework the schedule again but I think I can handle that!


Carolyn NC said...

You do stay busy! Hope your schedule works out and that your kids get to the schools they need. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry! Sounds like you still have a lot going on. That is normally the way it happens. I will keep my fingers crossed that your transfer request is approved. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try to juggle it all. Take care!


Meari said...

Sorry about the frogging. :(

Kelly said...

Your always so busy ! lol
Do you ever get any time for yourself?
Hope your good my friend xx

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

Totally understand about frogging ~ very frustrating!! Keep going though. Your work looks very nice!!

Mylene said...

I am so sorry to hear of the frogging. I didn't mean he'll come for a visit after what he did on mine last week.

Hope everythinga works well with the children's schedule at school. Goodluck.