Tuesday, June 22, 2010

She's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new book that I'm trying to read. It's about a boy/teen with autism.

Current project that I've been trying to work on for what seems forever. I did get to stitch about 20 mins the other night.

2010 Finish

Still not much stitching going on as my carpel tunnel is making it almost impossible to get any stitching done. I'm working on it. I have a couple of wrist braces that someone told me would work if I sleep in them. I use the wrist compression gloves during the day while working as much as I can as well.

I'm also back into working out. I've finally figured out that coffee isn't cuttin' it for my energy boost anymore. I took the bull by the horns last night and went out into our home gym and worked out for about 30 minutes last night. Sad, but true, that is all I could manage for the first time in months. I have been cutting the lawn every week but my DH is too helpful and we work on that together so not much of a workout. I'm not sure if I like that or not! lol Good that he's so sweet and helps out but there goes my guaranteed workout. lol

The kids have been pretty well behaved all things considered. We have somewhat of a routine going on each day. As soon as my work is delivered we try to get outside and get some fun time in the sun for about an hour (with loads of sunscreen on). After that it's time for lunch and then time for Mommy to get work done. After that I try to get the house picked up, dishes done and laundry started.

Vonna a/k/a The Twisted Stitcher gave me some great advice that I plan on implementing starting tomorrow morning. Going to make myself lists for every half hour of things that need to get done and check off as I get them done. This will be especially helpful with Logan's potty training. I need to review the Potty Training book for Autistic children again today so I can get all that I can from these intense sessions. We were doing so-so on the pt during the year but I let it get away from me for these almost two weeks of no school. Can't let that happen or we'll never get the boy trained.

Still so much to do to get ready for school next year. I still haven't made it to the school to get Katie registered for Kindergarten for next year. I have all the paperwork so there really is no excuse. Ok there is, I finally got the final paperwork together on the last day of school after getting Katie picked up. Now, I either take all four with me to fill out the paperwork or I wait until Thursday when DH is home and go by myself. Hmmmm, I wonder which I will choose?!?!

We have ventured out a few times with all four of us to the store. I have to bribe Logan with McDonald's french fries so he'll keep his clothes on while we are in public. I have to say, it hasn't been as stressful as it could have been. Logan is the best behaved out of the four and that says a lot. lol I'm even considering an attempt at taking them to the beach by myself. I'll let you know if /when I get that suicidal. The thought of how to get Katie/Ryan to the bathroom while dragging Logan kicking and screaming from the ocean has kept me from attempting it so far. lol I'll figure it out, hopefully before school gets back in session.

I also have to get my driver's license reniewed this year. Our state changed their paperwork requirements this year. Now, you need your birth certificate, ss #, two proofs of address, your first born son and a quart of blood. Okay, you don't need the last two but seriously, I've been driving for over 20 years so why in the heck do they need my birth certificate now???? I can see for all new drivers requiring all the extra paperwork not to mention the whopping $48.00 fee but for us old timers?!?!?! Really????!!! Of course, par for the course with me, I coudlnt' find my bc even though Mom insists she game it to me. I spent two weeks attempting to locate it and finally had to order it. A disgusting $45.00 later, I will have a certified copy in about a week. I could have paid less than half this but it would have taken about three months to get a copy, if I was lucky. I'm sure Mom or I will locate the original bc any day now. Especially as the money as come out of my account already and certified copy has been shipped. lol


Meari said...

That's quite an update!

I hope your CT gets better, and good luck on getting your license renewed. Always something, isn't there? I really am amazed that they require you to bring a BC. What a crock!

Will all the kids be in school next year?

I know what you mean about getting into a workout routine. I *really* need to do that!

Anonymous said...

My goodness. You do have a lot going on in your life right now. I don't see how you manage it all. I hope the wrist brace is giving you some relief. My hands and fingers tend to go numb from time to time and my doctor told me to wear the brace at night but it does nothing for me. When I get that way I put a brace around my elbow off and on for a day or two and the numbness and pain eventually fades. I think my issues are from rotator cuff problems. Who knows. Getting older is so much fun.

Love your 2010 finish. Looks great. My state did the same for license renewal - it was a total pain. Hope all goes well for you this week. I will be thinking about you.

Sharon said...

Pretty finish! Florida has gotten completely ridiculous with the new requirements. I lucked out last year and only had to make an online payment and they sent me mine.

Mylene said...

Hi Terry, i love the PS finish you have done recently, a great design. I hope to get it one day.

Goodluck with everything going on at your place.

Carolyn NC said...

Great finish and stitching! Hope your carpal tunnel gets better. And good luck with the license!