Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

I only have to finish the right book border and the bottom border and this is completed!

Here is my monthly SAL from Oakhaven Designs for February. Now I need to post a pic at the group page and request March so I can try to get caught up!

No, the sky isn't falling but I am posting to my blog for the second time within the same month so something is wrong somewhere! lol

I'm in the process of cleaning, doing laundry and trying to get some much needed and deserved stitching time in this week. I've decided that I need my work schedule to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday (or at least two days but with a break in between) as I need the rest of the week to keep up with the messes the kids always make. Today, Ryan is home again with pink eye. I was able to get some drops in his eyes last night and again this morning. Not too sure how this morning's faired with his major fit but I don't see any nasty goo coming out so maybe tomorrow he can go back to school. Shhhhhhhh! That means all four kids will be back in school at the SAME TIME! Gasp!!!! Quick, someone knock on wood!!! Cross toes and fingers too while you're at it, unless your stitching and then just cross both sets of toes for me!!

I did get the playroom cleaned and everything put away and I set up our other cable box in there for the kids to be able to watch Nick Jr, their new favorite channel. I actually hooked everything up correctly and finally figured out which channel to have it on and programmed that stupid remote they give you. That felt like I had accomplished a major feat today, let me tell you!!!! I don't mind them watching Nick Jr as it's all preschool which means learning all the time. PBS Kids and Nick Jr are our favorite kids channels. I do allow them to watch Disney channel but only the smaller kids shows. By the time Marie gets home she wants to watch the tween stuff but I have to say no because she has a load of homework to do. Does anyone remember fifth grade??? Did we really have ALL that homework to do too????

Well, I need to actually get some laundry folded before I can get some stitching time in so I'd better get to those baskets. It's not like the little buggers are going to fold themselves is it??!!


Kelly said...

I was only looking at that book one a couple of days ago on 123 stitch as I have been wanting to do a book one where I am a book addict lol. It looks fabulous!
Great progress on your monthly SAL

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - it looks great! Congrats on getting the TV, etc. hooked up!