Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's April already

and I haven't posted since the beginning of March. What have I been doing for all that time you ask??? Welllll, let me see. The kids are still fighting the allergies, we had some great friends in for a two week visit and the kids had spring break. We had a great time during spring break visiting with the Parker's. We hit the beach one day and had a BBQ at the house on another day. Of course, again this year someone got sick on Easter Sunday. Katie was running a fever on Easter and came down with a wonderful case of pink eye in both eyes! She then shared the fever with Ryan and he was out until yesterday and she was out all week. So much for a break after the break for Mom. Anyone with children knows that mothers can't be sick but always end up catching something because the little ones just can't keep from sneezing or coughing in your face at least ten times while they are sick. So yes, I ended up with the lovely gunk again too. I will be so glad when Katie starts Kindergarten in the fall because the getting sick everytime you turn around phase should be over by now. That's the only downside to never having your child in daycare. They don't build up the immunities until they start school. Things will get better!

What am I doing right now you ask..... (DEEP sigh) I'm listening to my four wonderful well behaved children (COUGH, CHOKE, COUGH COUGH!) fight with each other yet again. I just heard someone call someone else a poopy head. I guess I should be happy it wasn't any worse than that right??? LOL All in all, they do get along fairly well and they totally surprised me when they behaved like (almost!) little angels when we had visitors. I really wish I could have kept little Lucy here with us as they never fought when she was here.

Really, the past couple of weeks (month) haven't been as bad as all that. I did finish my February part of the SAL and I am almost done with my LHN The Bookshelf as well. So, see I did find time to stitch with all that going on. Not only those two projects but I actually spent about 45 minutes trying to finishthe Autumn part of a SAL that was supposed to be done two or more years ago. Yeah, I'm slow but what's that old saying??? Something about being slow and steady always wins the race????

I still have no pictures to show any of the progress because my new camera is acting weird (Operatior error no doubt!) and for some reason I can't load or e-mail anything I pull from it. I'm sure I need to go in and tell it to save the pictures smaller but...... I would have to find the directions and then find time to sit and read it without falling asleep. That may take awhile. Perhaps I will just pull out the old camera and use it rather than wait for the year 3000 and me to figure out the newer camera. I need to get a picture of February so I can get March unless I've already missed that deadline. Hope not!


Mylene said...

Hello Terry, i am sorry to hear almost everyone's unwell lately, i do hope you all get to feel better soon.

My two here fight contineously when they are home(in words), but atleast not much when we have visitors so that friends ussually says they really get along well...hmmm!

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like you've been super busy! Hope you all are well and stay well soon. :)