Monday, June 1, 2009


Brown Ribbon is for Colon Cancer

Completed OHD SAL

New pattern on Stitching for a Cure site.

I did do a lot of stitching this past weekend but I also did a lot of frogging. I figured I just needed to continue stitching on easy patterns while the frogs were visiting or I'd give up and not touch anything for another month. I really like the new pattern that Donna has on her blog. It was a fun stitch and the colors are pretty. I did substitute a few for floss I had in my stash or I would have had to wait until my next visit to Michael's and I have no idea when that will be happening. I didn't feel like waiting forever so I made do with what I had and I like the outcome.

Now, I really, really, REALLY need to work on my finishing. I need to just bite the bullet and try different techniques or I'll be sitting here biting my nails and miss out on all the fun everyone else has been having. I have just about everything I need to do the flatfolds but I've been to scared to attempt it on the Peace, Love and a Cure yet. I do have a few other things I could try first but I think I've been afraid to find out that I'm really not THAT crafty and that will really make me cry. Wah wah wah! Oh, just stop being a namby pamby baby and "just do it!" already. At least do it this week before the kids are home from school for the summer and you'll really have an excuse for not being crafty! Yikes!!! ;)


Mylene said...

All finishes looks lovely. I am sure you can do it. You can email me if you need any help.

Meari said...

I agree... Just DO It! I've got a great tutorial for flatfolds on my blog. Hint, Hint, Push, Shove (lol)

Your finishes look great!

Carolyn NC said...

Stitching and finishes look great!

CindyMae said...

They all look fantastic!! Gorgeous stitching!

Donna said...

Oh how pretty. You are the first one to stitch up the new design! Congratulations!

Cindy F. said...

Pretty stitchy finishes!! Girl, I hate finishing...I did try...but I stink at! Good luck! I bet you'll be better than me:)

LOVE your beachy blog look!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the completed OHD SAL that you posted. It is lovely, but of course all of the designs are.

I can relate totally on needing to buckle down and try to finish some of my projects. I am fairly adept at stitching, but not much past that. I don't think you will have that problem though. Take care.