Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The frogs came to visit!

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks, okay, months. I was finding time to stitch before but life got in the way when the kids got sick then hubby and me too. After that, I had no stitching mojo to speak of at all. I did start the OakHaven Designs SAL but only had the first part done when the mojo flew out the window. Last week we had tons of rain and yes I mean tons! Our area alone had over 27 inches of rainfall. You would think that it would have been perfect stitching weather right? WRONG! No mojo and I was sooooo wanting to get back to things but just couldn't pick up the needle and thread.

This past weekend I was determined to get back into the swing of things. I picked up the second half of the SAL and frogged more than I stitched. I gave it up for a little while and went to work on my next ribbon for the Stitching for a Cure tree. OMG! I think I pulled the thread out and started over at least three times. Now, I've been wanting to get back to my LHN Bookshelf or my Monopoly but I was at least smart enough to stay away while the frogs were camping out. I think they stayed around because all the standing water was heaven for them. LOL

This week calls for clear and hot days with highs in the upper 80's to low 90's and it's perfect stitching weather. Will I get to do much????? It depends on how quickly I get caught up on all the laundry and other regular chores. Throw my spring cleaning in the mix and I'd say that the stitching time is drastically reduced. CALGON take me away!!! I need stitching time to relax from the chaos that we call life. LOL

Next post I hope to have pics of the finished SAL and a finish of the ribbon for SFAC. I hope everyone is getting lots more stitching time than I am and am looking forward to summer when there is not a lot of running around to do each day! June 8th, here we come!!! Woo Hoo! No more getting up early and making lunches at what feels like the butt crack of dawn after an almost sleepless night. Yep! You guessed it; the boys are back to keeping me up or getting me up after a few hours of sleep. I think once our summer routine hits things will settle down or at least I can sleep in later! (IF they let me LOL)


Carolyn NC said...

Yes, I used to love it when the kids got out of school, too!

Meari said...

THAT is a lotta rain! Sorry about the froggies... Hope they're gone for a while.